Lurong Living is now TT Nutrition

Lurong Living and TimTam have partnered to bring you TT Nutrition. Our goal is to help you recover faster and increase your performance. In the near future you'll see the Lurong Living products change labels to TT Nutrition. The amazing supplements you've grown to love will still remain the same.

Try Power + Performance About Us

What's In It?

Velvet Deer Antler contains a combination of amazing nutrients not found together in any other known whole food we eat today. Thats right, you can't get the good stuff naturally in one place anywhere else!

Important Things to Know
  • In every bottle of Power + Performance you get 60 capsules each containing 500mg. You won't find a better value/mg with any other antler product.
  • Power + Performance is doctor recommended. Many physicians across the country are recommending Power + Performance to their patients as a revolutionary option for long-term joint care and health.
  • Our Velvet Deer Antler is unaltered and in its 100% Natural whole food form.
  • All Velvet Deer Antler products are not created equal. The efficacy of the antler is based on many variables that include the deer's diet, how it was harvested, and where it was harvested. We are very selective in what we use in Power + Performance. Each batch of Power + Performance goes through clinical testing to assure efficacy before we release it to the general public.
  • We are the only Velvet Deer Antler product in the world that is certified drug free for professionals and athletes by the BSCG.
  • There are many companies on the market creating Deer Antler sprays using extracts. By definition, and extract takes out only select components, resulting in an incomplete product which is missing many of the naturally occurring nutritional components. Power + Performance has a complete balance of nutrients which is why it products superior results.