Adam Grogin

As a Martial Artist and more specifically a Breaker, I am testing the limits of my body against materials such as wood, concrete, baseball bats, coconuts and so on. Even a successful break puts a tremendous amount of stress on my body and tests its limits. Before I found Lurong Living's Essential, even with proper conditioning, my recovery time after breaks took weeks until my body returned to 100% and allowed me to feel as if I could perform my best. Once I started taking Essential I found that I could recover almost immediately, ready to perform or compete again within a day! I started the product because I needed its recovery benefits, and have found that the gains in my daily energy, physical performance and overall feeling of well-being are just as significant and have changed my life. I cannot imagine being where I am now as an athlete and performer had I not found Lurong Living. If you are a martial artist, and are serious about being healthy and having your body be capable of supporting the lifestyle that comes with the sport then Lurong Living is a must!