Frequently Asked Questions

Points are run once per day just after midnight EST (12:30 AM EST) and will be reflected after that point. Therefore, it is possible to enter scores at the end of the day on the west coast after points for the day have already run. Don't worry they will be updated the following day. Also, performance points won't run until after the submission deadline passes. See the calendar for all important dates.
To see all the latest challenge announcements and exclusive articles written especially for Challenge competitors, be sure to check out the blog. The latest few articles will be on your dashboard when you log in. You can see all of the articles by clicking on 'Articles & Tips' at the top of the page. You may also search for past articles use the Site Search feature.

You can complete the benchmark test workout at whatever level you choose. Then, at the end of the Challenge you must perform the benchmark retest at the same level you did during the first go around. This will give you the best statistical comparison to see how much you've improved

Weekly performance workouts that aren't for benchmark testing can all be completed at any level, independent of each other or of the benchmark workout.

Entry Fees are non-refundable.

During the Challenge, participants will be answering 6 basic lifestyle questions for each week of the Challenge. These questions are designed to focus one’s energy on key components of their lifestyle to create the greatest possible transformation during the Challenge. The questions will be the same each week, but the lifestyle focus topic will be different, so participants need to stay tuned to the blog throughout the duration of the Challenge.

For complete details, points, and qualifying criteria please see Section 9 of the Official Rules.

If you're a US citizen you can participate remotely from anywhere!
On Saturday before the Challenge starts, the weight entry & measurement entry requirements will open. You'll see in the top right "Enter Results" box at the top right side of the site. In each of these requirement entry screens, you will select either 1. Lose 2. Maintain or 3. Gain for weight & measurements respectively. After you select your goal, you'll be able to enter your starting weight and measurements.
The challenge begins January 14th, 2019 at 12:00 AM EST and ends March 10th, 2019 at 11:59 PM EDT.
To view specifics about the Challenge, including a calendar, complete rules, sponsors, and FAQs, click the 'Challenge Details' link in the top navigation bar.

The 2019 January Jump Start Challenge combines diet, fitness, and accountability in a competitive community-driven environment. It creates an unforgettable and interactive experience in which you put life-changing principles into daily practice. And you'll have fun doing it. Our online platform is a proven system for improving body composition and performance. The Challenge gives you the structure, technology, motivation, education, competition, and accountability to see real and quantifiable results. Compete nationwide, and watch your goals aid your transformation into the new you.

The Challenge creates a competitive and supportive environment that fosters accountability, determination, focus, self-awareness, community, and results.

During the Challenge you will be earning points through a combination of requirements and achievements like tracking your diet, performing WODs, tracking personal goals, answering weekly lifestyle focus questions, and ultimately making improvements in your body measurements, weight, and performance. See the Official Rules or How the Challenge Works page for more information specific to the 2019 January Jump Start Challenge.

Athletes will record their results in the Challenge system. Athletes will also take before and after body measurements and weight. Throughout the Challenge, athletes will be tracking daily diet compliance for each of the 6 time periods. The diet compliance is based on of 3 levels for the Classic diet path: Starter, Pro, Elite or a Cheat for each meal. See the 3 Diet Levels page for more details.

This will challenge you to go farther and dig deeper. It doesn't matter if you have any experience with the dieting or not. We'll provide you with educational articles, weekly meal plans, nutritional tips, and recipes to help you establish a new lifestyle.

Yes. See Official Rules for more information. Each of the workouts have 3 Levels of Difficulty to choose from: Level III, Level II, or Level I. Level III (L3) is the most physically demanding and Level I (L1) is the least.

Athletes must follow the standards to create an accurate comparison both for your own improvement and for comparison to the rest of the Challenge population.

See the Official Rules for more details and the How the Challenge Works page for a quick view of the weekly structure.

The Romeo Athletics Nutrition Challenges does what no other fitness or nutrition or weight-loss program has ever done. It provides a diet path option that's founded on the proven success of Whole Foods. Our interactive platform will help you stay accountable to yourself, while making the process fun and simple.

During the Challenge, you are always encouraged to make the best choice possible. You have the flexibility to change between diet levels whenever you need to do so. In fact, you can choose your level for each of the 6 time periods of the day. That way, you are always rewarded for how well you do. No more falling off the wagon, or bingeing because you messed up a little.

Classic Diet

Simply track which level you achieved for each meal or time period. You even have the option to journal notes about your meals, foods, or how you were feeling for each time period. Then click save and you are all set.

The January Jump Start is all about creating lasting change by turning daily decisions into habits and lifestyle changes. Now you have the power to change your diet on your terms. We'll just help keep you focused, accountable, and supported the whole way through.

The January Jump Start gives you the power to choose your path to nutrition greatness. Selecting your diet path will be available until the first Thursday after the Challenge starts. If you have not specified your preference by this date, your diet path will default to our Classic Diet option.

If you have chosen our Classic diet, simply familiarize yourself with the 3 Diet Levels.

If you decide to choose the Macro Focus diet path, you’ll have to enter your target macros for workout and non-workout days. Your macro numbers can be customized to your needs, whether they are determined by a trainer, nutritionist, or another source. If you don’t have access to any of these, please feel free to use our Macro Calculator which will help with determining your target numbers for both rest and workout days.

The quick answer is that you only get points for tracking up to 5 goals, so we only remind you up to 5. Anything over 5 goals is for your personal benefit. However, we recommend that you keep your goal list within the 5-8 range so that you can focus more of your energy on each one of your goals.

If you've already tracked your progress for 5 goals you'll no longer see a reminder in the "OPEN ITMES" section. You may still track additional goals be accessing that page through the top navigation bar called "Enter Results".
During the Challenge you have the opportunity to earn bonus points which may include tracking goals and answering weekly questions. Be sure to review the Official Rules for the exact specifics for the 2019 January Jump Start Challenge.

The beauty of the 2019 January Jump Start Challenge platform is that you don't have to track your exact calories, macronutrients, or exhaustive list of everything you eat. The power of a whole foods approach based on proven fundamentals will produce surprising results in the real world.

That being said, we have built-in tools to help those who want to go the extra mile and journal the foods that they eat each day or to record how their body responds. Journaling and note taking can be a valuable exercise while making significant diet and lifestyle changes, so while the additional feature is recommended, it is completely optional.

For each day of the Challenge you will have a Daily Diet entry form where you will record which level you hit for each of 6 time periods during the day. You are required to select which level your complied with in order to earn points. Next to each time period you will see a little dialogue icon where you can record your optional Daily Diet Notes. You won't earn points for your notes but you will be able to review past day's results and notes in your private profile. Reviewing these notes will help you see your progress and trends to help reinforce the principles you are practicing each day.

Chat with your fellow competitors and trade tips, stories, and more in the Community Forum! Just click 'Community' on the top menu bar and select 'Forum'.

Trick out your profile! If you click your name on the top right of any page you can go to your Challenge Profile. This houses all of your submissions, photos, and more. You can go there to Edit your picture, slogan, background and upload progress photos.

There are SO many more features and things you can do on the challenge site. Keep a journal, view and share recipes, see where you stack up against others across the nation, view stats, and much more! Browse the site, play around - we'll be here if you need anything.

Be sure to check out the Resources & Tools Section on the sidebar for all kinds tools like our meal plan and Nutrition U Series.

We're sad to say, NO. In fact, we encourage participation in youth sports or activities that teach the importance of fitness, exercise, and health. However, for this Challenge, minors aren't able to participate. We won't get into the legal reasons, but please know that if we could have included teenagers, we would have. Every consideration was made to ensure a safe, healthy, and successful experience for everyone. However, over the years we know that entire households experience transformations when parents change their habits. Parents we encourage you to be an example, not of perfection but of the pursuit of excellence. Your children will thank you.

We created 3 levels for each workout to best provide an appropriate challenge and test for athletes of all backgrounds. Just because someone doesn't complete any workouts at Level 3 doesn't mean they can earn more points than your friends.

Level 3 is designed to tough even for athletes with professional aspirations. Level 2 is balanced and statistically the most popular level for Challenge athletes. Level 1 is designed to be accessible for anyone, even if they just getting started working out.

Therefore, the Challenge Team is not labeling any workout as RX (Prescribed) or scaled. As our goal is to provide challenges and opportunities for all athletes, and we don't want the name of the level of a workout to affect how a participant views the workout. Push yourself, and don't put yourself in a box defined by a label.

Consult with your doctor or trainer to see if you are capable, healthy, and experienced enough to complete your preferred level. We encourage you to push yourself, but do so with caution. Remember, there are many ways to earn points in this Challenge. No amount of points is worth an injury.

Unfortunately, the 2019 January Jump Start Challenge is limited to US citizens at this time. However, due to the incredible international support we have been getting, we are compelled to make this possible in the future. Stay tuned into our social media and website for the big announcement.
On the calendar EDT stands for Eastern Daylight Time. That is the same as Eastern Time. All times in this challenge will go off of EDT/EST

Each Challenge lives on a different website. You'll register for the 2019 January Jump Start Challenge here.

If you participated in a previous Challenge and want to review your past results, please use the Contact Us form and we'll be happy to help you right away.

It's much more than a weight loss challenge. You will earn points based on your personal weight and measurement goals you set before the Challenge starts.This Challenge is perfect for anybody, whether you are looking to lose weight, maintain your weight, or gain muscle mass. Our unique body composition goal selection allows you to customize your goals for your weight and your body measurements.

Some athletes are looking to lose weight and inches and the January Jump Start will absolutely help you do so.

Other athletes are looking to gain muscle mass (weight and inches). This Challenge is also the perfect tool to do so the right way. Athletes will still be focused on eating quality whole foods, but they will simply be adjusting the quantity and some food choices. Our customized Calorie & Macro Calculator will give you precise recommendations based on who YOU are and what YOUR goals are

Our 3 diet levels and 2 diet paths provide the perfect balance of structure and flexibility to help you reach your goals.

No. You'll earn points based on your personal weight and measurement goals you set before the Challenge starts. This Challenge is perfect for anybody, whether you are looking to lose weight, maintain your weight, or gain muscle mass. Our unique body composition goal selection allows you to customize your goals for your weight and your body measurements.

Some athletes are looking to lose weight and inches and the January Jump Start will absolutely help you do so.

Other athletes are looking to gain muscle mass (weight and inches), which the Challenge can help you do the right way. Athletes will still be focused on eating quality whole foods, but they will simply be adjusting the quantity and some food choices to match their goals. Our customized Calorie & Macro Calculator will give you the precise recommendations to do so.

Our 3 diet levels and 2 diet paths provide the perfect balance of structure and flexibility to help you reach your goals.

No. One of the primary goals of the Challenge is to encourages you to eat whole foods. Whole foods have complex nutritional compositions are always your best food source. We haven't found any meal replacement shakes that don't include artificial ingredients, preservatives, sugar (natural or artificial), or any other banned ingredients. There's no man made product that can take the place of natural food. Therefore, stick with whole foods during the Challenge, so you can learn and practice living healthy.

If you don't eat during one of the six periods of the day then there is no Cheat. The time periods are Breakfast, Morning, Lunch, Afternoon, Dinner, and Evening. If you only eat 3 times per day with no snack and didn't cheat during those meals than you have a perfect score for the day.

This is an "innocent until proven guilty" scenario, meaning that if you don't eat during that time period it counts as ELITE for the Classic diet path and PRO for the Macro Focus diet path. However, we do not advocate starving yourself for points. Everyone's snacking habits and number of meals per day are different, so experiment with what works best for you and your goals. Eat, try new recipes, and enjoy the process.

Ibuprofen and prescriptions medications are allowed during the Challenge. Please do not make any changes to your prescription drugs or other doctor recommendations without first discussing them with your doctor.

Have you tried taking Lurong Living Essential? We ask because Essential (velvet antler) is a natural anti-inflammatory. Most people find that they no longer need to take pain medications once they get Lurong Living Essential in their system for 30 days. In addition, it also provides other positive benefits to your health including decreased soreness, improved joint mobility, decreased joint discomfort, improved energy levels, and more. For more product information visit our website

Take advantage of our special offer during the registration process. And if you have already registered and wish you had taken advantage of the deal let us know you want your Lurong Living Essential now. Use the contact us form.

For the Elite level, ghee, unsweetened almond milk, or unsweetened coconut milk are great substitutes for traditional dairy or creamers. No dairy or sugar. Some natural sweeteners are allowed, so be sure to review section 7 "Dietary Compliance" in the Official Rules. Tip: you can use ghee and use a blender to make a rich texture. For Pro or Starter, you can add dairy and approved natural sweeteners, but you may not use sugar or artificial sweeteners. For complete details use the Interactive Food Search to check out what foods and ingredients are allowed for each level.

In general, we recommend that athletes fulfill their nutritional needs from whole foods. However there are exceptions that we encourage athletes to take either as an insurance policy or to provide nutrients that are not available or not easily available in even the healthiest of diet. Some supplement recommendations include a multi-vitamin, fish oil, Lurong Living Essential, etc. We also have specific rules for protein supplementation.

See section 7 "Dietary Compliance" of the Official Rules for complete details.

There are two different types of moderation foods in the Challenge: moderation in general, and specific moderation. Moderation in general means that it is not a cheat for the Challenge, but we encourage it to be used in moderation so that you experience the best results at the end of the Challenge. For example, almonds and other nuts are in moderation because of their high fat content.

Specific moderation items have a quantifiable limit for it to not be considered a cheat. For example, red wine is in moderation specifically with the guideline of 6 oz with dinner. If you go over the specified limit with this type of item then it's a cheat.

From the outset, it is important to realize a calorie is not a calorie. Nutritionally speaking, not all calories are created equal. While we look at calories for this Challenge, we stand by the principle of eating nutrient-dense foods. Focus on the specific foods making up those calories. It is not just about calories in and calories out. When you focus on quality foods, as outlined in our 3 diet levels, many people don't even need to count calories.

That being said, it is important that you are within range so as to not be consuming too few calories, which is not the goal of the January Jump Start. The best tool is our Macro & Calorie Calculator which will give you a good calorie target to aim for based on your goals and where you are at right now. The recommendations vary depending on your activity level and your goal during the Challenge. The Classic Diet path doesn't require you to track your calories, but knowing your recommended range for both rest and active days can be quite enlightening.

You can find even more details and our general recommendations by reviewing our Nutrition U Series.


This Challenge is Over/Closed

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