Motivation: Getting Your Mojo Back

When you’re just starting out on a new fitness plan, you feel motivated and ready to achieve all of your fitness and health goals. Once the sheen of the new routine has dulled, however, you might begin to lose momentum just because working out is no longer something new. This happens to the best of us all, and the only way to recover from this is to push on and make some changes to stay motivated.


Change your Routine


Plenty of people follow the same routine for years and end up following off the fitness wagon at some point because they get bored and lose their motivation. Eating the same types of foods and performing the exact same exercise routines do this, and the best type of way to get the motivation back is by doing something new. Try adding new types of exercises into your routine or using different types of equipment to break up the monotony.


Try varying your training days as well. Maybe add in days where you focus only on strength training or you can even just dedicate a day to swimming or bike riding. If you enjoy what you’re doing then the motivation to work out again naturally comes back to you. Anything you can do that stresses your body’s muscles and makes them work can be added into your training schedule.


Try Training with a Friend


A lot of people like to work out on their own, but try getting a friend to workout with you. You can share the knowledge you have gained over your time of training, which can show you how far you have already progressed on your own. Seeing how far you’ve come can not only help motivate your friend to follow through with their lifestyle change, but also motivates you to keep going to reach your ultimate health and fitness goals.


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