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This challenge has definitely taught me how to have a healthier lifestyle. I have felt so great over the last couple of weeks and without the foods I always thought I needed. I feel much better about myself and my energy level is definitely better. I never knew how much fatty/bad foods I was consuming on a daily basis, and now thanks to this Challenge, I can definitely say that my body feels so much better every day and at the gym. At first it was weird and I felt very sluggish, but I guess that was just my body not used to not eating the sugary foods I was eating on a daily basis. I have also noticed that my body feels so much better after the gym and I am no longer cramping like I was before. Even though I will not fully remain as loyal as I was in this Challenge to all the food groups, I did get a better sense of eating better and will eat well for most of my daily diet. I plan on trying to incorporate a diet where I eat mostly well but maybe 3-4 of my meals could be my “cheat meals".Priscilla Montes

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