Testimonial 5

As this challenge is coming to a close, it's time to reflect on things we have learned about ourselves over the past few weeks. I have learned many things and have failed some goals but accomplished plenty as well.

Thanks to this Challenge, I have been more focused and determined to keep my eating on track and continue to work out every day. Having people to hold myself accountable to definitely helps, but I also had to hold myself accountable for any mistakes I made along the way.

One of the biggest obstacles I had to overcome in this Challenge was learning how to cook for a family who is not doing the Challenge. My suggestion - use the recipes that are available to you. Do some research before beginning a challenge like this and definitely get used to prepping your food on Sundays so you have your meals planned out for the week.

I am lucky enough to have a gym where I work, so I will continue to work out everyday and continue to eat clean. I've found a lot of inspiration at the gym. The majority of the people I work out with on a daily basis are about double my age and of all different body types. We all inspire each other to keep moving!

My encouragement to others would be to do some research first and try one of these challenges when you are ready. It is definitely worth it and it is nice to have an accountability group. You have to want to better yourself because it is not easy and it is not over when the challenge ends.

Danielle Lenker

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