Essential Helps Everywhere

This revolutionary whole food helps in many ways to get you the best from your day. Here a just a few examples of how the spectrum of nutrition of Lurong Living Essential will help you perform better and live pain free.

Getting the Most From Life

The joint and bone health properties of Lurong Living Essential allow you to stay and play longer with your family.


Playing golf requires a great deal of torque to get your longest drive. Let Lurong Living Essential help give your joints and muscles the added nutrition they need to turn 18 holes into 36.


Getting the best from your WOD means being at your best. Lurong Living Essential helps you recover quicker so you can focus on your next PR and not on any pain.

Snowboarding and Skiing

Hitting the slopes can be murder on your knees. With natural sources of prostaglandins, Lurong Living Essential helps to fight inflammation to extend your time on the mountain.


Lurong Living Essential contains hyaluronic acid to help cushion and lubricate your joints as you run to help to reduce your discomfort.


Even a low impact sport like swimming can benefit from the greatness of Lurong Living Essential. Natural glucosamine can aid in flexability for a streamlined stroke.


For long rides, nothing is better or more natural than Lurong Living Essential at containing everything needed for high performance in a whole food form.


Lurong Living Essential can help aid in flexability by providing glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate in an all natural, whole food form.


To make sure you are repeating that perfect throw time after time, you can't be nagged with any pain. Lurong Living Essential has restorative co-factors to aid in recovery and improve strength.

I strongly believe that Lurong Living Essential is a potential nutritional modality to help my patient population. - Dr. Patrick Kwok