Strength and Performance Properties

Perform to your potential. People from all corners of the world have used Lurong (Deer Velvet Antler) to naturally improve their muscular strength and recovery time. From Olympians to professional athletes to aging couch potatoes, people everywhere are turning to Lurong for natural nutritional support. Whether you are getting into shape, frequent the gym, or play sports, Essential should be a part of your daily regimen designed to help you reach your goals.

There have been several studies which have shown that velvet antler provides several benefits to athletes including:

  • Increased strength with load bearing exercises (weightlifting)
  • Improved body composition (less fat and stronger muscles)
  • Increased muscular endurance
  • Accelerated recovery time after workouts (less soreness and breakdown)

For these reasons, velvet antler has been a coveted source of nutrition for more than 2000 years for improving overall physical condition. Velvet antler is rich in amino acids, the building blocks of proteins and muscles. It is a natural nutritional source for all 8 essential amino acids. There are 20 amino acids that your body requires for growth. All but eight can be produced in your body. These eight amino acids are called essential amino acids, and they must be supplied by food and/or supplements. The other twelve non-essential amino acids are made within the body, but both essential and non-essential amino acids are needed to synthesize proteins. Bottom line? If you don't supply your body with the essential amino acids it needs, your body may be limited in the amount of protein it can use to build and repair muscle tissue.

I strongly believe that Lurong Essential is a potential nutritional modality to help my patient population. - Dr. Patrick Kwok