Joint Health Properties

Start moving. Lurong Living's velvet antler is a natural source of several key nutrients that give joints the raw materials they need to maintain healthy structure and function. The good stuff includes: Glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid, collagen, minerals, vitamins, and growth factors. Lurong Essential is revolutionary, because you won't find all of these nutrients naturally occurring in any other source.

Don't let age or old injuries slow you down any longer. Change how you take care of your joints, and get the nutrients you deserve. Remember, you only get one set, so be proactive and protect your joints with Lurong Essential.

Joints wear down over time, so start giving your body the nutrients it needs to support, maintain, and rebuild your joints. Essential is nutrition as nature intended.

There are more than 70 million Americans who are suffering from progressive joint degeneration. The breakdown in joint tissue (cartilage) causes inflammation, pain, loss of mobility, decrease the ability or desire to exercise, and an overall disruption in one's quality of life. Unfortunately, most people wait till the degeneration has already progressed to a sever state before taking proactive steps. Your body is made up of what you feed it. Therefore, proper nutrition is critical to promoting long term joint health. Lurong Essential provides vital nutrients that are otherwise missing from the American diet. Essential will not only promote relief for your joint discomfort and improve your mobility, but Lurong Essential is a perfect natural solution to give your body what it needs to protect your joints for years to come.

I strongly believe that Lurong Essential is a potential nutritional modality to help my patient population. - Dr. Patrick Kwok