Is Essential a masking agent for pain, or is it actually restorative or healing?

Essential is not a masking agent for pain. It does contain prostaglandins, which are your body’s natural regulators of inflammation. It also has naturally occurring growth factors and co-factors that are incorporated in the body during the healing process to aid in restoration. Essential promotes joint comfort and flexibility, and it contains vital nutrition that is paramount to both long-term joint health and short-term joint comfort.

What grades of antler do you use?
We use whole antlers (tip to base), so as to provide the most consistent, nutrient complete product available. We don’t accept every supply of antler, just because it is a certain grade. Our thorough testing procedures weed out many potential suppliers, which results in the highest quality product available.
What is the shelf-life of Lurong Essential?
4 years from the Date of Manufacture (DOM) listed on your label. Keep at room temperature in a dry place. Remember, Essential should be taken as part of a daily regimen, so the shelf-life will not be a concern as it won’t be sitting around in your cupboard.
When is the best time to take Essential?

For a general regimen take one capsule of Essential in the morning and another capsule before going to bed. For a loading phase, or recovery phase, take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules before bed.

Many people, when taking Essential in the morning, report an increased energy level and they feel ready to take on the day. Most of the body's natural tissue healing occurs during sleep, therefore it is recommended to take one Essential at bed time.

Note: Some people experience a significant energy boost from Essential, so if you are taking Essential at night and have any trouble sleeping switch to a morning regimen. Others experience a deeper sleep when taking Essential at night, so the timing of he Essential regimen is flexible to an individual basis.

Please check here for a breakdown of the different regimens of Lurong Essential

How long will it take before I start feeling benefits from Essential?
On average, people report feeling a difference after 21-23 days of consistent daily use. In addition, the more active the person, the more quickly results are experienced. When taking Lurong Essential many people respond within days, while for others it may take up to 4-6 weeks. We encourage you to take Essential for 60 days before making any personal conclusions. In addition, timing depends on your current medical, nutritional, and physical state. It can take time to build up therapeutic levels of essential nutrients and other cofactors in your body before significant improvements are experienced. As testimonials have been pouring in, the trend shows that the sweet spot is 3 weeks.
Can I take Essential with food?

Essential is wonderful to take with or without food. In, fact, Lurong Essential is a whole food product, and many cultures include it in popular dishes, so taking Essential with food is perfectly normal.

Note: If you are someone who has a sensitive stomach to taking nutritional supplements, we recommend taking Essential with food.

Is it ok to take more than the recommended 2 pills a day?

Yes. During severe stress (surgery recovery for example) or loading phase you can take 3-4/day. If you are doing a loading phase or a recovery phase, use the following guideline: take two Essential at bed time and 1-2 Essential in the morning (depending on your needs). Some athletes even report that taking up to 8 capsules/day for 2-3 days can help them recover from an injury or demanding playing schedule.

In general, 2 capsules/per day provides the optimal amount of nutritional benefits. Two Essential daily (one in the morning and one before bed) is the ideal addition to your healthful daily regimen.

Will I become dependent on Essential?

Essential is not a drug or a masking agent for pain. Drugs are taken to relieve an acute symptom, but often don’t provide a long-term answer. Essential is a whole food product and contains key nutrients that are critical for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is important to continually give your body the proper fuel that it needs to function and perform at its highest level.

We recommend taking the Essential regimen on a daily basis to promote a healthy lifestyle long-term. After you experience how much better your body can feel, you won’t want to stop your regimen.

It is our goal for you to feel so good, that you raise your expectations and your standard of quality of life. So yes, we hope you become addicted to a better life! Even if someone becomes symptom free, Essential should be continued as a maintenance regimen. As with multi-vitamins or glucosamine/chondroitin products, the benefits are experience over the long term.

Is Essential safe for a professional athlete to take who is regularly drug-tested?

Lurong Essential is certified to be clean for sport through the BSCG (Banned Substance Control Group). Every batch we make is tested to be clear of any anabolic agents or stimulants. Therefore athletes can confidently add Lurong Essential to their daily regimen. Our Product is an all-natural whole food, not a chemically altered supplement. It is not an IGF-1 extract product and does not alter hormone levels such as testosterone, IGF-1, or cortisol. Lurong Essential does not contain any synthesized banned substances like some imitation velvet antler products like extracts, sprays, or drops.

Is Essential safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding?
As with any specific health related issue or question it is recommended that you discuss this with your medical professional. Lurong Essential has a long history of use in pregnancy and breastfeeding in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), but Lurong Essential is not intended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding unless approved by a doctor.
Is Essential effective on pets?
Yes. There are several studies showing that Lurong Essential can be very effective on joint health of pets. One Essential/day can be used on your average sized dog. However, talk to your veterinarian about dosing.

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