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Featured Ambassadors

Neal Maddox

7x CrossFit Games Athlete

“Part of the reason why I am able to maintain my training is because I keep my joints nutrient rich with Lurong Essential. Your body needs nutrients and your joints need nutrients. Essential gives my joints the nutrients it needs to be able to sustain and recover at the rate in which I am training so I can train harder and longer.”

Anna Tunnicliffe

Olympic Medalist & 5x CrossFit Games Athlete

"I started taking Essential about 6 weeks after I injured my foot at the CrossFit Games. I was stuck in a boot and desperately wanted to get back to training. Essential helped speed up my recovery and I was back in the gym before the doctors thought I would be. Now I take it daily to help me recover from all of the wear and tear on my body"

Ron Ortiz

6x CrossFit Games Masters Athlete

"Not only am I a CrossFit Games Masters athlete but I am also a full-time firefighter. After injuring my shoulder years ago, my doctors were amazed at how fast I healed by supplementing with Essential. It's been a game changer. I also rely on Lurong Living's Wild Omega+ premium fish oil daily which is critical to my cardiovascular health."

More Great People Who Love Lurong Living

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NBA Hall of Famer & 9x All-Star


3x NFL Super Bowl Champ


MLB Manager

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Lurong Living CEO & MLB Player

Emmy Simpkins

CrossFit Regional Athlete

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Owner of Own Your Eating

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Jason Leydon

Owner of CrossFit Milford

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CrossFit Regional Athlete

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Olympic Weightlifting Coach

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Grid League Athlete

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Alyssa Christian

CrossFit Regional Athlete

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