Our Mission

Lurong Living is a family of everyday people committed to changing lives through education and high quality nutritional products. It is our mission to give people back the healthy lifestyle they deserve without using synthesized products that have damaging long term effects. We are a way of life, a family and a growing culture. Join the revolution, join the family and get healthy now.

Our Amazing Lineup

Lurong Essential

Natural whole food containing only one ingredient: Deer Velvet Antler. Help fuel your body optimally to get all the benefits you deserve.

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Wild Omega+

100% wild-caught, Alaskan fish oil with added Vitamin D3 and more to upgrade your current fish oil regimen.

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Elite Focus

Whether you work in an office or spend time with family, need to be focused, or train hard then Elite Focus is for you.

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Management Team

Adam Greenberg

Founder, CEO

Danny Putnam

Founder, Managing Director

Brett Charney

Chief Operating Officer