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Be a part of a team that’s making a difference—and start changing your life today.

It’s time to make a change. The Weight Loss for Warriors Challenge combines a community of likeminded people and an easy-to-use online dietary and fitness regimen with one great cause. When you register, you’re making a commitment to not only start changing your life, but to change the lives of our nation’s heroes and their families.


The blog is the place for the latest news and information about the challenge. Registered athletes get access to exclusive articles and tips as well.

Partnership to Change Lives
June 6 2014 | In Challenge Info
We have been honored to take you on this journey the past 6 weeks. All of us at Lurong Living, 31Heroes Project, and The Travis Manion Foundation thank you for your support in changing your life and raising support to impact the lives of so many more. Read More »
Photo Challenge: Selfie
May 28 2014 | In Announcements
You have been working hard, avoiding temptation, and undoubtedly seeing some fantastic results. Time to show off your new body with a selfie. Well actually someone else can take the photo, but you get the idea. We know you are proud and we want to see your progress. Read More »
Reflecting on Memorial Day
May 27 2014 | In Announcements
We hope you had an enjoyable and meaningful Memorial Day yesterday. Memorial Day is what the WL4W Challenge is all about: honoring those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. We also invite you to show your support and appreciation by helping raise funds for our charities. Read More »
Photo Challenge: Exercising Fool
May 21 2014 | In Announcements
If you didn't like exercising before, we hope you do now. Here is your chance to show off your best moves. Read More »
Remember Who This is For
May 20 2014 | In Announcements
We are half way through the WL4W Challenge and we have some work to do. Tonight let's take a look past ourselves and our diet, and remember what our efforts are for, who will benefit the most from the WL4W Challenge. As a community we have made a lofty goal for support, and we hope this video inspires you to go out and make it happen. Read More »
Here’s how it works

6 Weeks of Challenge. A Lifetime of Change.

When you register for the Weight Loss for Warriors Challenge, you’re making a 6-week commitment that can trigger a lifetime of change. This isn’t just about a month and a half long fitness challenge—it’s about embracing a whole new lifestyle.

On April 28th, the official Challenge begins. You’ll receive all of the tools you need to gauge your current fitness level, along with a daily regimen of diet and workout routines so you can track measurable improvements, earning points to see how you rank within your division and the entire nation. You will achieve specific personal goals as you actively begin your new way of life.

Learn What Being a Hero Is All About.

This is about more than changing your life. It’s about being part of a team that’s supporting our nation’s heroes and their families. Lurong Living- the revolutionary whole food deer antler velvet nutritional product- has partnered with The 31Heroes Project to support organizations that are changing the lives of military heroes and their families. Through their work with The Travis Manion Foundation, The 31Heroes Project ensures that funds, support, and resources end up in the hands of veterans, service members, and military families who need it most.

When you sign up for the Challenge, you’ll also be given custom fundraising tools so that friends and family members can sponsor your progress and be a part of the change.

The vision for Weight Loss for Warriors is simple: Be a part of the team that’s changing lives.

What you’ll get along away

Welcome To The Team.

Weight Loss for Warriors understands that changing lives isn’t an individual effort—it’s all about community. When you sign up, you’re instantly a part of a team that’s working together to change each others’ lives. You'll get access to our comprehensive online platform, standardized benchmark workouts, and get plugged into an active social media community of other athletes. You will be a part of an online experience that includes nutritional tips, diet plans, expert advice from health industry professionals, a fitness calendar with daily programmed exercises, recipes, and encouragement along the way. You’ll be held accountable to yourself and to an entire community dedicated to helping you push yourself farther than you can alone.

Real Change Is All About Results.

Our experts and online resources will help you determine your current fitness and health level, and make sure that your plan ensures you’re hitting new milestones along the way. Thanks to our online tracking tools and personal profile, at the end of the WL4W Challenge, you will know exactly how much weight you lost, how much your body transformed, and how much you improved your fitness and physical performance. You will also be able to proudly share the incredible impact you have had on military families.

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We are proud to release the official Weight Loss for Warriors Shirt. Your purchase supports our heroes, so represent your commitment and the cause proudly. Visit the WL4W Store


In order to show your ultimate support of our military heroes, we have created this fundraising tool as part of this challenge.

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