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Randy Cross

San Francisco 49ers Lineman

As a 3-Time World Champion during my 13 year career as a professional and member of the College Football Hall of Fame, the game has been very good to me. After already having one shoulder replacement surgery and needing a second shoulder replacement surgery, I was excited to start taking LuRong Living Essential as a natural alternative. After a couple months on LuRong, I noticed a dramatic difference in shoulder mobility and decrease in discomfort. After 6 months I was able to cancel my second shoulder replacement indefinitely. I also have chronic neck discomfort and stiffness which was prohibiting me from playing golf and living the active lifestyle I wanted. I can honestly say I am now playing golf and moving my Neck much more freely and feel great. LuRong Living Essential has changed my life, and I am extremely grateful that Adam Greenberg introduced it to me. LuRong Living Essential should be a part of everyone's daily dietary and exercise routine if you want to act, feel and look better than you have in years!

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Eric Wright

Retired NFL Cornerback

I have been blown away by results I have experienced from taking LuRong Living Essential. As a retired professional athlete, I have put some serious wear and tear on the body, especially my joints. I am a very active person, but until recently I haven't been able to live the active lifestyle I am used to. Before taking Essential, I would play basketball and pay the price the next several days with swollen, aching, and stiff knees. I would also have a tight aggravated back. These symptoms would last several days until I would feel good enough to go do it all over again. However, Essential has changed everything. I can now play basketball and do other intense activities without swelling, stiffness or aches in my knees and back. All of it is gone! I feel so good that I never want to go without LuRong Living Essential again.

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Danny Putnam

Professional Baseball Player

I have been playing professional baseball for 6 years and with essential this is the best I have ever felt: at any age. Baseball is a daily grind, but I have noticed that the aches and discomfort, common in a long season, have not only diminished, but I feel stronger, quicker, and better prepared to succeed on the field. My joints feel fresher and my muscle recovery time has been cut in half. I have noticed an impressive increase in energy and stamina. I have been able to perform in-season workouts at a higher intensity than any other time in my career. I never knew proper nutrition could make such a difference in how I feel. I am so excited about essential, and I just want people to have the opportunity to truly feel great!

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Dani Panarello

State Trooper

I started taking Lu Rong Living Essential four months ago and the changes for me have been dramatic. My stamina level has never been better in my life and I do not crash during the day from my work schedule as I used to. Old injuries that have been nagging at me no longer limit my activities, performance, or lifestyle. Even my neck injury from the crash has dramatically improved. LuRong has allowed me to demand the maximum performance from my body. My active lifestyle is back on track, and my fitness level is headed to the next level. I know that LuRong Living Essential has been a huge part of my recent fitness gains and daily life improvements and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a supplement that really works. Five years ago I realized my dream of becoming a State Trooper. I have been a competitive athlete all my life, from running half marathons to surfing to the toughest workouts I could find. Due to the demands of being a state trooper, I found my body crashing every day from fatigue and I couldn't push myself physically as I always had. Then a series of on the job-related injuries, from having my cruiser struck from behind by a drunk driver to breaking both my ankles in separate incidents, broke my body down even more. The recovery from those injuries was slow and frustrating because it prevented me from doing my life's work and challenging myself physically in the gym. Through taking LuRong Living Essential I was able to see improved healing and relief from those injuries, and now I have been able to break that negative cycle and regain my ability to work and train at the level I desire.

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Mike Burgener

Olympic Weightlifting coach and a Walking Legend

I recently started taking LuRong Living Essential and I have been extremely impressed at how well it works. For the first time in years, I am waking up in the morning without an aching back. Amazingly, I am now fatiguing less from workouts and recovering faster. I have dedicated my life to Olympic Weightlifting both as an athlete and as a coach. Now at the ripe old age of 65, and 40 years of being a strength coach, I continue to push my body physically. I have always looked for natural ways get a competitive edge and LuRong Living has become my new tool to help my body feel better, younger, and performing like I demand.

I believe LuRong Living Essential is a nutritional necessity for athletes and active people of any age, especially those who reject the idea that age has to slow you down.

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Dan Morrell

Police Officer

I've been taking Lurong essential for 6 weeks now and its made a very big difference for me. Lurong lets me recover faster, feel better during workouts and I don't feel as sore after a heavy lifting day or a high intensity workout. As a result of feeling better and recovering faster, I've been able to work out harder and maximize the time I have in the gym. I've added 35 lbs to my dead lift, 15 lbs to my bench press, and 20 lbs to my back squat in just 6 weeks. Since I've started taking essential, I've slept much better, which is huge for me since I work a night shift and sleep during the day. My joints no longer ache first thing after getting up either. I like the fact that Lurong is a natural product, as I try to stay away from products or supplements with "possible side effects". essential has quickly become my favorite nutritional supplement. The results I've gotten after just 6 weeks of use have been outstanding. The effectiveness, along with the affordable price, makes essential a home run product for me. Five stars across the board.

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Ilaria Montagnani

Internationally Acclaimed Fitness Expert and founder of Power Strike

Fitness and health are my life. For over 15 years my mission and my work has been motivating and educating others to reach their fitness goals and to be strong. Three years ago a knee injury threatened my ability to train, teach and live what I preach. Even after knee surgery I was experiencing a lot of pain, not just discomfort, and I was dealing with swelling and icing ever day.

Since I have started taking LuRong I have finally found relief and I am back to working out with the intensity and frequency I am known for. LuRong Living has worked for me! I am now able to teach and perform over 25 hours a week of demanding and exhausting exercise.

I have never endorsed a product before, but honestly I cannot recommend LuRong Living enough, whether you want to improve joint health, decrease discomfort, protect long-term joint health, improve recovery time after exercise, boost energy levels or improve your physical performance, LuRong Living needs to be part of your daily health regimen.

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Karim Mayfield

Professional Boxer

When I first started Lurong Living Essential I was very skeptical due to the fact that I've pretty much tried most products on the market that claimed to do a lot of things, but the "quick recovery" part really caught my eye. I had just started my 6 week training regime to prepare for my NABO title defense on ESPN and I was training 3-4 times a day for the first week. Normally, I start off training hard and quickly have to slow down due to the fact I would be to sore for 2 workouts let alone 3 - 4 a day! That's when I gave Lurong Living Essential a try; I've been sold ever since! After a while I was thinking I wasn't working hard enough because I was no longer sore. I got stronger and much faster and needless to say, a win by TKO in the 5th round of the ESPN main event... Thanks Lurong Living!

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Shawn Hatchel

Police Officer

My name is Shawn, and I'm 37 years old. I am a police officer, rescue diver, and field training officer. I have always enjoyed working out and leading an athletic life style. About two years ago I was in a car accident and dislocated my collar bone and shoulder, along with damaging my knee. I was unable to press over head or do any sort of squatting exercises. Running long distances even proved straining. About nine months ago I joined Shoreline Crossfit. The transition to the extreme training was difficult but rewarding. Still, my shoulder and knee seemed to keep me from performing at the level I had been able to prior to the accident. I started taking LuRong Living essential about a month ago. The rewards I have gotten through essential are unsurpassed. Not only have I been able to set new records for myself on bench press, shoulder press, and squats, but my running has gotten substantially better. I am now able to perform at a higher level with less recovery time. My intensity is higher, I am more focused, and my stamina is improving daily. The challenging workouts at Crossfit that I could not perform very well previously, I am now able to finish easier and with a better time.

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Lauren Plumey

Co-owner of Shoreline CrossFit

I have always had a tendency to over-train in the gym; frequently leading to injuries that would prevent me from working out for short periods of time. When I began Crossfitting, I learned that the rest we give our bodies is just as important as the stress we expose it to while training. In the sport of CrossFit, my body needs to recover quickly in order to be in optimal condition for my next competition. When I first started CrossFit, I used to utilize fish oil, icebaths, Active Release Therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and a massage therapist to keep me ready for my next competition. While I still see the value in these techniques, I have found an unprecedented improvement in my recovery patterns from using LuRong Living Essential.

LuRong allows my body to recover faster, thus giving me an edge in my competitions that my competitors lack. I love that it is all-natural and safe. I highly recommend LuRong to all CrossFitters, and to anyone that values fitness and wants to stay in the game longer and with better results!

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Dave Plumey

Owner & Head Trainer of Shoreline Crossfit

As a workout junkie and fitness competitor, I am always looking for ways to push my body to the limit. In the competitive arena, having the slightest competitive edge can mean the difference of first and last place. This is why I'm constantly searching for natural ways to improve my overall health and performance. Personally, I am a believer in LuRong Living Essential. Professionally, I've chosen to endorse LuRong to all my clients. It's become a part of my daily nutrition and workout regimen. I stand behind LuRong because it works, it is all-natural, and safe.

When I was first presented with LuRong, I was skeptical about another "miracle product" and was reluctant to try it. But after living with some severe wrist pain, I decided to give it shot. Within one week, my pain vanished completely and experienced powerful results. I set 5 new personal records on 5 different lifts and the most impressive side effect was my body's recovery time. Overall, my body felt looser quicker and in between lifts I found myself needing less recovery time. As a result, my workouts have been much more intense and productive. All these improvements have come without changing my diet or sleeping pattern.

Essential has given me the boost I need to consistently perform at the highest level. In my opinion, LuRong Living Essential should be a part of any CrossFitter's daily regimen for improving strength, shortening recovery time, protecting joints, and feeling great.

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Katie Speckman

USAF-Owner of CrossFit Iron Will

I want to tell you what I personally think of LuRong Living Essential. AMAZING!! By no means am I an elite athlete. I'm an active person who enjoys life, my family, my military career, and the sport of fitness. I sometimes cannot keep up with myself with all the EXTRA activities I put my body through. There is a point in life when you become so familiar and in tune with your own body that you know why you feel the way you do. Whether it is a tweaked muscle or something you've eaten. You become aware of yourself and what you put into it as fuel. Since I've starting taking LuRong Living Essential I've not only noticed a decrease in my muscle soreness and recovery time, but a surprise increase in my strength and endurance. LuRong Living Essential helps my body's ability to heal faster so I can push at higher levels of intensity! The minutes have been shed from CrossFit benchmark workouts and I can breathe again. I've shown my athletes what Essentials has done for me and that is all I need to use for my approval! Heath and I (owners of CrossFit Iron Will) have been taking it religiously since we got it. I've heard a few people comment about Heaths performance also improving and wondering what was up. He is already a great CrossFitter so when people notice an improvement it's something other than a good day. It is LuRong Living Essential!

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Aaron Meredith

Owner Ocean State CrossFit

LuRong Living Essential has been a blessing to me as a CrossFit athlete. A year ago I completely tore my triceps from my bone in a competition. The doctor advised me that I might not regain full range of motion and almost certain I would not get full strength back. Within 6 months of surgery I was WOD'ing again. Range of motion was 80% and strength was 50%. I began taking LuRong month 7 post-surgery, and almost instantly I regained full range of motion and I'm setting PRs monthly. I'm 100% convinced that without supplementing LuRong daily, I wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am now! Thanks LuRong Living! As an affiliate owner, one of my biggest concerns is keeping my athletes healthy so they can keep up their workouts. It's natural to have a few athletes sidelined with injuries. I have made a strong push to get 100% of my member base on LuRong daily. I know what it has done for me as an athlete! I know that by keeping my athletes healthy they keep coming to the gym, setting PR's, and getting awesome results.

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Paul Oseguera

Professional Baseball Player

Having gone through three arm surgeries it's not a surprise that my shoulder and elbow feel stiff and sore after pitching. A teammate of mine suggested taking LuRong essential and to see if it could help. Immediately I began to see results. I would feel amazing the next day. Not only would my arm feel as if I hadn't pitched the day before, but my whole body recovers quicker. I noticed improvements in strength and endurance during physical activity while taking essential.

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Brandon Sing

Professional Baseball Player

I have been taking Lu Rong for two years now and I have experienced many benefits. Most important to me is that I am not experiencing the severe headaches I used to get. I have not had one in the last two years. I tend to feel a little more soreness or aches when I am off essential, so I try to not miss more then a couple of days. As a professional athlete, I see everyone trying out different things to help them get through the grueling travel and long seasons. When you have something as effective as LuRong essential, I believe anyone should try it to see how much their everyday life can improve.

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Dave Olsen

Age 55

My hopes were that essential could help alleviate the knee discomfort I experienced while running or hiking. I was also hopeful that it might help with the usual low back problems I experienced after weight lifting or long bike rides. My workouts generally consist of bicycling; running and weight lifting with some swimming throw in for Triathlon training. For the first three weeks taking the essential, I didn't notice any significant changes during or after my workouts. However, It was during the 4th week of using the supplement that I really noticed the difference. I could now perform my 5k runs with no knee issues or discomfort. I decided to really test these results by taking a hike up Monserate Peak, a steep 3 mile hike up rocky terrain. Previously I had not been able to complete more than a 1/4 of the hike before succumbing to aching knees, but this time I not only made it to the top with no pain. I was able to descend all the way to the bottom without stopping and again - no pain! I was truly amazed and trilled that I was able to resume hiking again after all these years. My low back pain has been bothering me less than before and I am also looking forward to competing in Triathlons again. Thank you so much for recommending the essential to me. I'm looking forward to prolonged results using the product.

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Eric Mays

Under Armour Sports Marketing Manager, MLB

After extensive rehab on my injured left shoulder and shoulder surgery looming, I decided to start taking LuRong Living Essential. Fast forward to April of 2011 and I'd have to say it was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. From years of extensive boxing and baseball training, I experienced a torn labrum of the left shoulder. Every doctor I visited would share the same bad news about my recovery time. Six months to a year is the time frame they all estimated. Needless to say, I religiously continued my LuRong intake and in 3 months, I was back in the ring continuing my boxing workout. Unexplainable to doctors and my physical therapist, I could honestly say that my shoulder is 100% fully recovered and feeling better than ever thanks to LuRong Living Essential.

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Allen Blanco

Trainer, Shoreline Crossfit

I have put my body through some pretty vigorous bumps and bruises. Six months ago I suffered two injuries, a torn distal bicep muscle and some pretty substantial knee damage associated with a car accident. I decided against traditional medicine and surgery because I felt the risk/reward was just not worth it.

I sought alternatives and a friend of mine suggested LuRong Livings Essential- I decided to give it a shot. I've been taking Essential for the last 5 months and I have dramatically recovered from those two injuries. I am now close to 100% when my doctors diagnosis was that I'd only be at best 60% without surgery given the injuries i had. I attribute this dramatic recovery to taking Lurong Livings Essential. The joint pain that I experienced went away in the matter of 7-10 days when I started and it is now non-existent. In addition to its injury preventing/healing affects this has also done wonders for my sleeping patterns. I am a trainer at a local gym and I recommend this product on a daily basis to my clients. This is a great product for everyday living and the prevention and aid of any joint problems.

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Scott Ferrie

Fire Fighter

My name is Scott, I am a 36 year old firefighter from CT. I am always searching to improve my everyday life, health, and preparation for the task of firefighting. I was introduced to Shoreline Crossfit, it was there I started a training program like no other. It was there that I was introduced to LuRong essential. At 5'6" and 160 pounds I am always looking for something natural to help me hang with the "big boys". I feel LuRong essential has provided that. I am into my second bottle of the essential and I feel a great improvement in the way body is responding to heavier weights. More importantly, I feel my body is recovering much faster. As far as strength prior to my essential regimen my max dead lift was 335, but last week I did 350 for 5 reps. I Just wanted to say thanks! To anyone thinking of trying LuRong essential, all I can say is give a try and give it TIME, it works!!!!

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Sharon Kearin

Dance Educator

I am so excited about the product LuRong.Living Essential. It only took my body 3 days to respond to the benefits. The first difference I noticed was that when I stepped out of bed and my joints no longer were stiff. From there it has just gotten better! I have been a dance educator, body worker and performing artist for the past 30 years. I am 57 years old and I continue to teach dance, Pilate's, and movement classes as well as perform regularly in a modern dance company. My body has maintained its strength and flexibility, but for the past 5 years I have experienced joint wear and tear, chronic joint stiffness and had one meniscus repair. Since taking Essential, all my daily joint stiffness has left and my energy and stamina has also improved.

I am overwhelmed by the difference I feel in my body in such a short amount of time (2 months). I would highly recommend LuRong Living Essential to anyone who wants to continue to feel good, move better, and participate in fitness at a high level.

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Justin Frandson

Athleticism Performance Coach (APC)

I had a low back injury that took several months to heal and still had lingering pain. Within 5 days of taking LuRong Living Essential, the back pain was gone! I am excited to finally have a natural product the can help me and my clients with pain relief and more.

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Dodo Cheney

Hall of Fame Tennis Champion

I have always been physically active, which I believe is the reason I have been able to maintain both my physical and mental health. However, it is tough not to start slowing down on the court at 94 years old. I was introduced to LuRong Living essential, and sure enough, my old knees started feeling better. After taking essential for just one month I experienced a significant change in how my joints felt and moved, and I even felt more energetic. In fact, I won my very next tournament. I only wish I could have started taking essential as part of my daily regimen decades ago. I recommend essential to everyone who desires to stay active and anyone who refuses to let age slow you down.

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Tim Kearin

M.S., Health and Fitness Consultant

I am 64 years old and have been physically active for 50 years. I have been a strength and conditioning coach, a clinic director, and health and fitness business owner for my entire adult life. As a sports competitor and former weight lifter I have had 7 orthopedic surgeries including a total shoulder joint replacement and experience considerable joint health issues associated with age. I continue to workout hard and still play golf and tennis. About two months ago I began taking LuRong Living Essential as a supplement and cannot believe the physical difference I feel. I have tried just about every brand of Glucosamine and Chondroitin with minimal effects. Before taking Essential, my daily joint irritation and discomfort level was a 4 and now it has been significantly reduced. I also feel more energy and have more stamina. I would recommend Essential to anyone over age 50 who experiences joint health issues.

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