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Starting 30 days from your order date, you will automatically receive a new 90 day supply of LuRong Living Essential every 3 months at the guaranteed price of just $34.95, per 1 month supply with FREE SHIPPING, which will conveniently be billed to the card you provide today. You can cancel or customize future shipments at any time hassle free by calling 1-888-9LuRong. Why we auto ship - Please Read

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Lauren Plumey

Lauren Plumey

"LuRong allows my body to recover faster, thus giving me an edge in my competitions that my competitors lack. I love that it is all-natural and safe." (Lauren Plumey, Co-owner of Shoreline CrossFit)

Eric Wright

Eric Wright

"Essential has changed everything. I can now play basketball and do other intense activities without swelling, stiffness or aches in my knees and back. All of it is gone! I feel so good that I never want to go without LuRong Living Essential again." (Eric Wright, Retired NFL Cornerback)

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BSCG Certified Drug Free

LuRong Living is the only Velvet Antler Product in the world that is certified drug free.


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