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Boost Energy
Naturally boost energy levels without chemicals or stimulants. Stimulants can quickly raise your energy level only to cause a crash later. Don't ride the rollercoaster; improve natural, sustainable energy levels. Read More
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Joint Health

Start moving. LuRong Living's velvet antler is a natural source of several key nutrients that give joints the raw materials they need to maintain healthy structure and function. The good stuff includes: Glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid, collagen, minerals, vitamins, and growth factors. LuRong Living Essential is revolutionary, because you won't find all of these nutrients naturally occurring in any other source.

Don't let age or old injuries slow you down any longer. Change how take care of your joints, and get the nutrients you deserve. Remember, you only get one set, so be proactive and protect your joints with LuRong Living Essential. Read More

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Improve Strength & Endurance
Perform to your potential. People from all corners of the world have used LuRong (Deer Velvet Antler) to naturally improve their muscular strength and recovery time. From Olympians to professional athletes to aging couch potatoes, people everywhere are turning to LuRong for natural nutritional support. Whether you are getting into shape, frequent the gym, or play sports, Essential should be a part of your daily regimen designed to help you reach your goals. Read More
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Relieve Joint & Muscle Discomfort

Feel healthier with less joint discomfort. LuRong contains prostaglandins, which are the human body's natural regulators for inflammation: feel relieved and get motivated again.

Break the cycle, get up, and get moving. Take control of your health by taking control of your joint and muscular discomfort. Your doctor says you need to exercise in order to be healthy. But what happens when your joints or muscles prevent you from getting going in the first place? LuRong Living Essential will help get you moving. Read More

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Strong Bones

LuRong Living Essential is healthy to the bone. Keep yourself strong from the inside out. Velvet Antler has been shown to contain several important nutrients for bone health including calcium, vitamin D3, magnesium, growth factors, and peptides. Read More

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Who doesn't want to look and feel younger? Remember the days when you could recover from exercise by the next day, an injury lasted for hours, and had enough energy to power through any day? Rediscover how you youthfulness. Recover quicker, heal faster, and live vibrantly. Read More

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Increased Libido in Men and Women

LuRong has a long history of promoting sexual health. Use Essential to naturally support healthy libido. Feel like you are 18 again!

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Randy Cross

Randy Cross

"Since Adam Greenberg introduced me to the Lurong Living Essential, I've experienced a significant decrease in joint soreness and a revitalized energy level." (Randy Cross, San Francisco 49ers Lineman)

Paul Oseguera

Paul Oseguera

"A teammate of mine suggested taking LuRong essential and to see if it could help. Immediately I began to see results. I would feel amazing the next day. Not only would my arm feel as if I hadn't pitched the day before, but my whole body recovers quicker." (Paul Oseguera, Professional Baseball Player)

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BSCG Certified Drug Free

LuRong Living is the only Velvet Antler Product in the world that is certified drug free.


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