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Dave Plumey

Dave Plumey

"Within one week, my pain vanished completely and experienced powerful results. I set 5 new personal records on 5 different lifts and the most impressive side effect was my body's recovery time. Overall, my body felt looser quicker and in between lifts I found myself needing less recovery time." (Dave Plumey, Owner & Head Trainer of Shoreline Crossfit)

Brandon Sing

Brandon Sing

"I have been taking Lu Rong for two years now and I have experienced many benefits. Most important to me is that I am not experiencing the severe headaches I used to get. I have not had one in the last two years." (Brandon Sing, Professional Baseball Player)

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BSCG Certified Drug Free

LuRong Living is the only Velvet Antler Product in the world that is certified drug free.


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