Complete Rules

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1.  Contest Period:

The 2013 LuRong Living Paleo Challenge (the “Challenge”) lasts eight weeks and begins Monday, September 16th, 2013 at 12:00 AM Eastern Time and runs through Sunday, November 10th, 2013, 11:59 PM Eastern Time. Sponsor’s computer system is the official time keeping device of the Challenge and official Challenge time is in Eastern Standard Time.  Information on how to enter and a description of available prizes form part of these official rules (“Official Rules”).  By submitting an entry, each entrant agrees to the Official Rules and warrants that his or her entry complies with all requirements set out in the Official Rules. This is a skill and effort based contest and chance plays no part in the determination of winners. 

2. How to Enter:

To enter the LuRong Living Paleo Challenge, go to the registration page. A fee of $50 is required for a Participant (athlete) (the “Participant”) to register and participate in the 2013 LuRong Living Paleo Challenge. Some discounts may apply at the time of Registration. You must complete and follow all instructions on the entry form. Every Participant must be an active member of a CrossFit Affiliate and the CrossFit Affiliate must also be registered with the LuRong Living Paleo Challenge. ONCE YOU SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY, IT BECOMES THE PROPERTY OF SPONSOR. Entry Fees are non-refundable.

3. Who May Enter:

Every Participant must be an active member of a CrossFit Affiliate (the “Affiliate”). Your owner or trainer must register their Affiliate with the LuRong Paleo Challenge (See Affiliate Registration Page- with Link) in order to validate your WOD scores and the other components of the Challenge. There is no fee for an Affiliate to register for the Challenge. When you register for the Challenge you will indicate your Affiliate. The Challenge is open only to legal residents of the United States who are at least 18 years old or the age of majority in the entrant’s legal state of residence and who do NOT reside in Arizona, New Jersey or Vermont. Employees of Sponsor as well as the immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings, and children) and household members of each such employee are not eligible. THE CHALLENGE IS VOID IN ARIZONA, NEW JERSEY, VERMONT AND WHERE PROHIBITED. Subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. By submitting an entry, you confirm your full and unconditional agreement to these Official Rules and Sponsor’s decisions, which are final and binding in all matters related to the Challenge. Winning a prize is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein. Entries become the property of Sponsor and will not be acknowledged or returned. Affiliates will become a “Team” and qualify for all applicable team prizes once there are at minimum 20 registrants who register as a member of the Affiliate.

4. Participation in the Challenge/Requirements:


In order to complete the Challenge and qualify for prizes, you must complete all the requirements of this eight (8) week long Challenge as set forth in these Official Rules. These requirements include completing ten (10) WODS, dietary compliance, taking before and after body measurements, making and tracking goals,  trying new recipes, and submitting a video and written experience.

Technology Requirements

You must have regular access to a Computer or similar Device with access to the internet. You will be submitting all your requirements throughout the Challenge on the “Challenge Platform”. To access the system visit and follow the login instructions. All requirements are the responsibility of the Participant and must be completed and submitted before the applicable deadline. Registered Affiliate will be responsible to validate the applicable required submissions before the due dates in order for the scores of their athletes to be saved and counted. The Challenge Platform has detailed instructions regarding each requirement, when to enter it, and how to enter it.

Reminders: It is the goal of the Sponsor’s Challenge Team that Participants meet all deadlines.  To that end, the Challenge Platform will provide periodic e-mails, blog posts, pop-up warnings and system callouts designed to remind Participants of the various deadlines.  The ultimate responsibility for completing all requirements and submitting them all before the deadlines , however,  is that of the Participant. The Sponsor’s Challenge Team will not be able to make exceptions for scores or submissions that are not submitted before the deadlines. Moreover, the absence of a system-generated reminder of a deadline will not excuse a Participant’s failure to meet that deadline. The same rules apply to Affiliate Validation.

Participants must also have access to a camera or device capable of taking a photo and uploading it to the Challenge Platform.

Approved Devices: The challenge is meant to be access from a desktop or latop computer. While we have made efforts to make the site accessible to mobile phones and tablets we cannot guarantee that all functionality will be available on all devices.


Deadlines will be strictly enforced by the Sponsor’s Challenge Team and in order to keep the Challenge fair and equitable for all Participants, special exceptions will not be made for issues involving missed deadlines.
The Sponsor’s Challenge Team reserves the right to extend Challenge deadlines as long as the changes are universally applied and communicated to all Participants and Affiliates. The Sponsor’s Challenge Team shall not accelerate or in any way change Challenge deadlines to earlier dates. Deadline extensions shall be made in the sole and absolute discretion of the Sponsor’s Challenge Team when determined that it is beneficial to the success of the Challenge as a whole. This right may also be exercised in the case of regional disasters or emergencies which threaten the ability of a significant number of Participants to finish the Challenge.

CrossFit Affiliate Participation, Judging, and Validation

In order to complete the Challenge and be eligible for prizes, Participants must be members of a CrossFit Affiliate. All WODs (workout of the day) times and the before and after body measurements (the “Body Measurements”) must be judged and taken by a certified level 1(CrossFit) trainer or owner. In addition, WOD scores and Body Measurements will be validated by your Registered Affiliate. All Participants must ensure that their Affiliate is registered by the time the Challenge starts in order for their scores and Body Measurements to count towards winning prizes. This requirement is in place to ensure fairness, truthfulness, and compliance for all Participants.

Travel: If you are traveling for any portion of the Challenge you may choose to perform a scheduled Challenge WOD at any official CrossFit Affiliate that is not your Registered Affiliate and the scores will count if this process is followed:

  1. Contact the out-of town (substitute) Affiliate in advance to get approval to assist;
  2. The substitute Affiliate must provide a Level 1 Certified trainer to judge the WOD;
  3. That Certified trainer must review the Challenge WOD standards (both video and written);
  4. After the completion of the WOD the Substitute Affiliate trainer must immediately call the Registered Affiliate to communicate the Participant’s score
  5. Participant enters WOD Results; and
  6. Registered Affiliate Validates the Results.


Each of the 10 workouts during the course of the Challenge will have 3 Levels of Difficulty to choose from: Level III, Level II, or Level ILevel III  (L3) is the most physically demanding and Level I (L1) is the least.  Some movements, weights, or activities in a Level III workout are not appropriate for all Participants due to physical limitations or lack of experience with the specific movements. If you are unable to complete a given WOD at specific level you can choose to complete it at a level that you and your trainer determine most appropriate. The different Levels of workouts decrease or increase the level of difficulty and strain on the body. For example, a Level I WOD may require you to lift a lighter weight, do less REPS, do an alternative movement, or other variations than a Level II or Level III WOD.  The goal is for everyone in the Challenge to be safe, and to make physical improvements. Therefore, consult with your level 1 certified trainer or owner to see if you are capable, healthy, and experienced enough to complete your preferred level. We encourage you to push yourself, but do so with caution. Remember, there are many ways to earn points in this Challenge. No points are worth an injury. If you are not certain you can finish a WOD at a higher level you may choose to try your best. If for some reason you do not or are not able finish the WOD with a final score that you like, you may then complete the WOD at a lower level and record that score on your Challenge Platform.

In terms of being eligible for Performance prizes there is an advantage to completing each workout at the highest level possible (L3). However, the weighed scoring system for overall winners and the Performance Ranking Scale even out the playing field for all levels of Participants.  It is possible for someone to earn more Performance Points completing a WOD at the top of L2 as opposed to the bottom of L3.  You will receive bonus points for completing each WOD regardless of which level WOD you complete.

Note from the Director: The 2013 LuRong Living Paleo Challenge is not labeling any workout as RX (Prescribed) or scaled as our goal is to provide Challenges and opportunities for all Participants. We don’t want the name of the level of a workout to affect how a Participant looks at the workout. Push yourself, Challenge yourself, and don’t put yourself in a box defined by a label. 

See the Scoring section for more details. 

Body Measurements

During the Challenge a Participant will have a series of 5 Areas of Body Measurements taken and validated by their Certified Level 1 Trainer at their Registered Affiliate. These measurements will be taken both at the beginning and end of the Challenge. All Body Measurements are to be taken in inches to the Nearest 1/8th of an inch and must be recorded on the Challenge Platform. The Five areas of Body Measurements are:
Waist: Place the measuring tape about 1 cm above your belly button (at the narrowest part of your waist) to measure around your body. Exhale and measure before you inhale.
Hips: Place the measuring tape across the widest part of your hips/buttocks and measure all the way around while keeping the tape parallel to the floor.
Chest: Place the measuring tape just under your breasts/pecs and measure around the torso while keeping the tape parallel to the floor.
Thigh: Measure around the largest part of the thigh. Measure and record both legs
Upper arm: Measure around the largest part of each arm, above the elbow. Measure the same portion of the arm every time.

  • Have a same sex trainer take your measurements.
  • When taking measurements, stand tall with your muscles relaxed and your feet together.
  • When measuring, apply constant pressure to the tape (so it doesn't sag) without pinching the skin.
  • Use a flexible measuring tape, such as plastic or cloth.
  • Measure under the same conditions each time, such as wearing the same clothes, same time of day, same time of week, or if you are measured before or after a workout, etc.
  • The place on your body to take some of these measurements will vary slightly from person to person. To ensure accuracy, just remember to take them in the same place on your body each time.

Use the same tape measure and have the same trainer take your measurements at the beginning and the end of the Challenge.

Dietary Compliance

During the Challenge Participants will be tracking their compliance to the Paleo Diet rules set forth in this Official Rules. Every  Participant’s experience with the Paleo Diet is different and there are several foods, food items, and categories of food that are debated even within the Paleo community. For this Challenge, for tracking and earning points, the standards are set by the Official Rules of the Challenge. In addition to the rules and guidelines laid out in these Official Rules, there will also be features on the Challenge Platform designed to help Participants make thoughtful and educated decisions regarding their diet.

Submitting Diet Results: Participants will submit their dietary compliance on the Challenge Platform for every day during the Challenge. You will mark “Cheat” or “Clean” for each of 6 time periods during the day. These time periods are Breakfast, Morning, Lunch, Afternoon, Dinner, and Evening. You will receive (+2) point for every “Clean” and be deducted (-3) points for every “Cheat”. Not submitting results for a specific day before the deadline will result in (0) points for the day. It is possible to go into the negative points for a day and for overall diet points. A general rule to define a time period is follows. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner can be considered the time of meal preparation, consumption, and clean up. The time periods of Morning, Afternoon, and Evening are defined by the times in between those primary meals.

You have six (6) full days to enter your diet compliance for a given day. For example, your diet scores for Monday the 1st becomes open for submission on Monday the 1st at 5 PM EST and must be entered by 11:59 PM EST on Sunday the 7th.

A “Cheat” is defined as eating or drinking any item or ingredient during the time period that is listed as a “Cheat” according the Rules and Guidelines in the “Diet Rules and Guidelines” section. A “Cheat: is also defined as eating or drinking any item or ingredient in a higher quantity in the “Moderation” category than is specifically allowed. Whether a Participant eats 6 items that are a Cheat or 1 small ingredient that is considered a Cheat, it only counts as one Cheat for the time period. You cannot receive more than one Cheat per time period. Cheat items are generally categorized as grains, starches, processed foods, sugar, artificial sweetener, juice, soda, alcohol, dairy, or anything you can’t pronounce. These guidelines are general statements; see Diet Rules and Guidelines for complete rules. 

A “Clean” is defined as a time period where no items on the Cheat list are consumed.
Ignorance is not an excuse: it is the responsibility of the Participant to know and understand the Diet Rules and Guidelines. If Participant is uncertain about a specific item he/she should avoid it and ask for a ruling from the Sponsor’s Challenge Team through one of the provided Help Features on the Challenge Platform.

Dietary Rules and Guidelines

As a simple explanation we define a Paleo Diet as eating meat, nuts, veggies, seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar, and no dairy. While you are not judged on the following proportions, the Paleo recommended serving consists of 40% carbohydrate, 30% Protein, and 30% Fat.

The following chart outlines the primary categories of foods and ingredients that are Clean and encouraged, Clean in Moderation, or Cheats. These categories contain several examples of foods or ingredients that would fall under these categories. However, there may be other foods or ingredients that are not specifically listed which could still be considered Clean or Cheat based on it falling under one of the main categories.

During the Challenge you will be able to access our “Food Database” and search functionality to search for specific foods. This added resource will help you along your journey to a healthier you.

Encouraged (Clean)

Moderation (Clean)


Lean Meats including:


Dairy Products


Coconut Oil

All Processed Foods make with dairy products


Olive Oil

Milk (Skim, Low-Fat, Whole)

Chicken Breast

Macadamia Oil


Pork Tenderloin

Avocado Oil


Pork Chops

Cottage Cheese


Butternut Squash

Non-fat dairy creamer


Acorn Squash

Half and Half

Ground Beef


Dairy Spreads


Sweet Potatoes


Chicken Thigh

Dried Fruit (No sugar added)

Cream Cheese

Chicken Leg


Cool Whip

Chicken Wings

Tea- Unsweetened

Powdered Milk

Rack of Lamb

Bananas- Use sparingly if weight loss is the goal

Yogurt- Greek, Regular, Frozen


Mango- Use sparingly if weight loss is the goal

Iced Cream

Lobster (no butter sauce)

Baking soda



Paleo Baked Goods

Clarified Butter (Ghee)



Sugary Drinks



Soft Drinks (Soda, Pop)

Venison Steaks


Diet Soda

New York Strip


Fruit Juices

Lamb Chops


Fresh Squeezed Juice



Juice from Concentrate




Organ Meat


Energy Drinks

Game Hen


Any beverage with Sugar or fruit juice

Top Sirloin

Special Cases


Bacon, Uncured with no Nitrates

Zero Calorie Chewing Gum- 1 stick per day



Lemon Juice used for flavoring or cooking (3 oz or less per day)

English Muffin


Red Wine (one 6 OZ glass per night)



Bacon- if no nitrates or nitrites and nutrition label says "0" Grams of Sugar






Natural Sweeteners

Wheat Thins


Stevia (1 Packet per day= 1 gram) OR



1 total tablespoon total per day of any combination of the following sweeteners:

Oatmeal, oats


Raw Agave 

Cream of Wheat

Artichoke hearts



Brussels sprouts

Unsweetened Cocoa Powder- 1 TBSP



Coconut Crystals

Wheat Flour



All Purpose Flour













Peppers (All Kinds)








Pancakes (There are paleo substitutes available)




Green Onions



Tree Nuts








Tortillas (Flour or corn)






Pita Bread

Pine Nuts


Flat Bread

Macadamia Nuts








All Beans

Pumpkin Seeds


Black, Broad, Fava, Garbanzo, Kidney, Lima Beans

Sunflower Seeds


Mung, Adzuki, Navy, Red, White Beans

Flax Seeds


Green Beans



String Beans




Black Eyed Peas






Peanut Butter






Snow peas



Snap peas


















All Soybean products and derivatives






Fatty Meats



Fast-food Hamburgers



Fried Chicken



Hot Dogs






Starchy Vegetables

Other Berries


Starchy Tubers



Cassava Root






Potatoes and all Potato products

Coconut Flour


Tapioca pudding

Almond Flour









Velvet Deer Antler (Powdered/Encapsulated Form) 



 Fish Oil


White Wine




 Amino Acids


Any other fermented beverage









Sugar- Natural, raw, refined



Artificial Sugar






Candy Bars






Chewing Gum with Sugar






Dark Chocolate



Unsweetened Dark Chocolate



Any Chocolate product other than cocoa powder






Supplements with Caffeine



Supplements with Real or Artificial Sugar (See Protein Supplementation Exception)



Chewable Vitamins

Other Special Exceptions:

  • Protein Supplementation: Due to the wide spectrum of Participants in the Challenge and different end goals we are allowing 1 serving of your choice of Protein Powder supplementation if it is taken within 30 minutes post- workout. It cannot be used as a meal replacement or used in any manner other than as a post WOD Protein Supplement.
  • Endurance Athletes: many Participants may be training for or competing in an endurance event during the Challenge. For any event or training session that lasts for 120 minutes or more of continuous and strenuous exercise a Participant is allowed to supplement with electrolyte replenishing drinks, goo, energy blocks, etc.

Pay close attention to labels if you are buying prepackaged foods. Even some of the healthiest looking products can be tainted by added sugar, chemical preservatives, and artificial ingredients.
Disclaimer: at any point prior to or during the Challenge the Sponsor’s Challenge Team reserves the right to make clarifications to the Official Rules already set forth. The Official Rules will not be changed, but specific foods or ingredients may be added to clarify broader categories of foods that are considered Cheats.
Tips: Don’t think that just because you cheated once in the meal that you can just binge because you will only receive the same deduction in points. Your waistline at the end of the Challenge and the correlating points for it won't lie. A Cheat is a Cheat, but a small Cheat does less damage than a big one.

Bonus Points

Through the course of this 8 week Challenge you will have the option to do some additional tasks which will earn you Bonus Points. While these are not a required component to finishing the Challenge, they are critical components to your potential overall score and should be treated as essential components to your Challenge success and ability to win prizes.  These Bonus Components are all tracked and submitted on the Challenge Platform and include: making and tracking goals, trying new recipes, and submitting a video and written Challenge experience.

Goals: During the first four weeks of the Challenge Participants can make goals for themselves either from a prepared list of goals or by entering their own. Bonus points will be awarded for setting and tracking up to 6 goals for a total of 30 points. The goals don’t have to be achieved to earn the bonus points. They simply have to be attempted and tracked. Goals can be tracked at any time until the final deadline of the Challenge. In addition to the original 6 goals Participants may choose to add new goals throughout the Challenge. Goals can be tracked 7 days after they were submitted.

Food Adventurer: During the course of the Challenge Participants can earn up to an additional 20 points for trying new recipes and logging the recipe on the Challenge Platform. Participants can log as many new recipes as they like but only the first five (5) will be rewarded with 4 points each.

Experience: At the end of the Challenge Participants have the opportunity to tell us about their experience and share it with others. Participants will earn twenty-five (25) points for an experience video and an additional five (5) points for a written experience. Video experiences will be submitted via a link to a service like YouTube, VIMEO, or similar video hosting service. The videos need to be at least 30 seconds long and cannot be password protected (make them public). In the video state your name, Affiliate, and tell us about your experience. For written experiences, you will enter the text in the form on your Challenge Platform and it must be at least 150 words. Experience Bonus Points are subject to review to ensure compliance to the Official Rules.

Registered Affiliate Requirements

The LuRong Living Paleo Challenge was designed to be a service to CrossFit Affiliate owners and trainers by greatly reducing the time and effort it takes to run a private Paleo Challenge. Affiliates will need a computer or internet capable device and regular access to the internet. Registered Affiliates will be required to perform the following tasks in order for clients to be able to complete the Challenge:

  • Review each WOD Video and read all standards and rules
  • Judge all WODs;
  • Validate (accept, reject, or edit) Athlete submitted WOD Results;
  • Take Before and After Body Measurements;
  • Validate Body Measurement Submissions; and
  • Encourage and motivate clients to reach their goals and complete the Challenge.

The following is a list of equipment that will be required to have clients complete all of the scheduled Challenge WODs at any of the 3 Levels. As the WODs will be announced each week, these pieces of equipment are listed in no particular order:

  • A Wall Balls (20 lbs, 14 lbs, 12 lbs, and 8 lbs);
  • A Wall Mark or Target set at the specified height;
  • Barbell (Men’s 45 lbs and Women’s 30 lbs);
  • Barbell Collars;
  • Plates  to load to the appropriate weight;
  • Plyo Box  (24”, 20”, 16”, and 12”);
  • Kettlebells (Pairs of 53 lbs, 35 lbs, 25lbs, and 15 lbs);
  • Cones or distance markers on the ground;
  • Pull up Bar/Rig;
  • Ab-Mat;
  • Adjustable Rings; and
  • Jump Rope.

NOTE from the Director: These Challenge WODs were designed to be accessible to all Affiliates and do not require specialized equipment beyond the community standards. If your Affiliate is new or you see equipment on this list that you do not have you still have some options. First feel free to contact us to ask our recommendations for where to buy the required equipment. We might even be able to get you a deal through one of our sponsors. The other option, which was a huge success for a handful of Affiliates in 2012 is to contact a neighboring Affiliate to borrow the specific equipment for the week (s) that it is required.

Team Prizes

In order for an Affiliate to qualify for the team prizes including the Affiliate Grand Prize, at least 20 Participants from your Affiliate must be registered for the Challenge. More on Prizes and qualifying in the following sections of the Official Rules.

5. Challenge Structure:


The Challenge will last eight (8) weeks and is broken down into 3 Phases. Phase 1 occurs during the first 2 weeks of the Challenge and will require Participants to complete 3 WODS (1, 2, and 3) along with recording their Body Measurements. Starting from the 1st day of the Challenge Daily Diet Compliance will be open for submission. Phase 2 consists of the four (4) weeks in the middle of the Challenge. During Phase 2 Participants will be completing 1 WOD per week (WOD 4, WOD 5, WOD 6, and WOD 7) along with tracking diet, setting and tracking goals, submitting new recipes, and any other open and uncompleted requirements. Phase 3 is the last two (2) weeks of the Challenge. During this phase Participants will be completing 3 WODs (WOD 8, WOD 9, and WOD 10) along with retaking Body Measurements, submitting testimonials, tracking goals, diet, and any other open items. You can complete each of the first 3 WODS at whatever level you choose. Then in Phase 3 of the Challenge, you must perform each at the same level that you did them in Phase 1. WOD 8 must be completed at the same Level as WOD 1, WOD 9 must be the same as WOD 2, and WOD 10 must be the same as WOD 3. This will give a statistical comparison for improvement, thus creating improvement rankings resulting in being rewarded improvement points.

The Challenge is designed and structured to improve Participants’ performance and body composition. The workouts in Phase 1 will be repeated in Phase 3 in order to determine a Participant’s performance improvement. Body Measurements in Phase 3 will be compared to those in Phase 1 to determine their Body Composition Improvement. Phase 2 workouts are designed to test pure WOD performance and skill. 

Throughout the Challenge, Daily Diet Compliance will be tracked along with all other Bonus Point components discussed in the previous section of these Official Rules. The overall score of a Participant is a combination Performance Points, Diet Point, Bonus Points, Performance Improvement Points, and Body Composition Improvement Points.

Various Prizes will be awarded to Participants/teams based on a variety of criteria throughout the Challenge. Please see the Prize section.


Phase I Phase II Phase III

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

WOD 1, WOD 2, WOD 3





WOD 8, WOD9, WOD 10

Diet Tracking                                            Diet Tracking                                         Diet Tracking

Before Body Measurements





After Body Measurements

Setting Initial Goals







Goals Tracking











T-Shirt Size Submission




Food Adventurer

Progress Photos Open For Submission


There are 6 Divisions which all Participants will be broken into:

Division Age

Men’s Open


Women’s Open


Men’s Masters


Women’s Masters


Men’s Masters+


Women’s Masters+


The Age cutoff is determined by the Age of a Participant on the First Day of the Challenge.
Divisions are a vital component to the Challenge as Performance Points are awarded based on performance ranking within a Participant’s division.  Additionally, Individual Champions are based on the Participant who has earned the most points within their own division. The level of WOD difficulty that you complete does not place you in a different division. In addition, the same 3 skill level options for each workout are the same for all divisions.


Challenge Participants and Affiliate Teams are broken into three (3) Regions (the “Regions”) with the following distribution by State:

Region States


California, Hawaii, Alaska, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Illinois, Michigan, Montana, Wyoming


Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Washington D.C.


Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana

Regions are established for the purpose of specific prize distribution only. The Region does not play a role in Performance Points or overall point totals for an individual Participant or an Affiliate team. There are two specific circumstances in which Regions affect the Challenge structure and outcomes. First, Weekly Performance Prizes are awarded to top performers (L3 Finishers) for each division of each Region. Secondly, Top Regional Team Prizes are based on the region of the Affiliate location. (See Section 7, Prizes for more details.)
NOTE from the Director: Regional State breakdown is based on several factors such as geographical location, the number of states within each region, and the projected participation of each region and state. We use several statistical criteria, including last year’s participation data, to distribute the Regions as evenly as possible. This is in no way a guarantee that the final distribution of Participants or Affiliate Teams will be equally distributed across all Regions.

WOD Skill Levels

Each of the 10 workouts during the course of the Challenge will have 3 Levels of Difficulty to choose from: Level III, Level II, or Level I.  Level III (L3) is the most physically demanding and Level I (L1) is the least.  Level III has the potential to earn you more Performance Points than Level II or Level I, but it is also possible to earn more Performance Points for a WOD by finishing at the top percentile rank of Level II than finishing at the lowest percentile rank for Level III.  See the WOD Performance Points Rules in the following section for more details.

WOD Submission Rules

Once you complete your WOD you will be required to submit the time/score before the respective deadline. Submitting your WOD time does not result in it appearing on the Leaderboard until the Time is Validated by your Affiliate. Therefore, WOD Performance Rankings can change dramatically up until the Validation Deadline Expires 2 days after each WOD Submission Deadline passes.

The first tie-breaker for WOD Times is determined by the earlier Athlete Submission. See Tie Break Rules.
Note From the Director on Leaderboarding: Leaderboarding is a common practice used by competitors to try to gain an edge over their competition. Many may choose to wait until the last possible moment to complete a WOD to beat the times that are posted to the leaderboard. For this Challenge structure, some may be tempted to use this technique to determine what Skill Level to perform their WOD in order to maximize Performance Points.  

However, this strategy of Leaderboarding is not encouraged for many reasons. First, WOD times do not post to the Leaderboards until after they are validated. There is a two-day gap between the WOD Submission Deadline and the Validation Deadline for each WOD. Therefore, leaderboarding is not a dependable way to project your Performance Ranking. Second, for the same reason, the Leaderboard does not tell the complete story of the times or number of athletes who have completed the WOD at each Skill Level. Third, the overall points in the Challenge are based on several factors including improvements. Therefore, simply work as hard as you can, at the highest level possible and see where you rank and how much it will help you improve. Finally, when you put a specific number in front of you as a goal it can be positive motivation, create negative results due to failure to reach unrealistic goals, or otherwise limit your performance. If you go into a WOD trying to reach a certain number or time you run the risk of that number being so high that you realize you won’t get close and be mentally defeated part way through the WOD. If the number or time is not really challenging enough, you may find yourself coasting through the end of a WOD because you still will hit your goal.

Therefore, let YOUR BEST be your goal. Push as hard as you can go, independent of anyone else. Then see where you match up. Don’t fall into the comparison trap and compromise your performance or the quality of your workout.

Challenge T-Shirt Submission and Distribution

During weeks 5-7 of the Challenge, Participants will be able to select what size and gender t-shirt they would like. These shirts are exclusive for Participants who are competing in the Challenge and will not be sold to the general public. You will be able to select your size and gender for your t-shirt. There are both men’s and women’s cuts available. Please select the t-shirt size that you anticipate being after the Challenge is over. These shirts are custom ordered, and returns or exchanges will not be possible. If we have not received a shirt submission before the deadline you will not get one, no exceptions. The T-shirt submission form will be on the Challenge Platform.
All t-shirts will be shipped to the Participant’s Registered Affiliate and distributed to Participants at the gym.

The Challenge Forum

Part of the Challenge experience is the privilege of accessing and contributing to the Challenge Forum.  This is a valuable resource to learn new recipes, get advice from other Participants, and share your ideas. This is also an opportunity to ask questions of the experts in order to improve your overall experience in the Challenge and to help maintain your improved quality of life.

The Challenge Forum is a public (to the Participants in the Challenge) place of interaction and you will be representing yourself and your Affiliate with each post. Therefore, use the Challenge Forum with respect. Any foul language, hateful or threating messages, excessive whining, or derogatory attitudes will not be tolerated. The Sponsor’s Challenge Team reserves the right to remove any content from the Challenge Forum for any reason in its sole and absolute discretion.  The Challenge Forum will be monitored by the Sponsor’s Challenge Team and your privilege to participate in the forum may be suspended, limited, or revoked by the Sponsor’s Challenge Team at any time for any reason at their discretion.  Topics and comments from the Challenge Forum may be used by the Sponsor’s Challenge Team to share inspirational stories or helpful tips with other Participants in the Challenge. 

All content in the Challenge Forum is the property of the Sponsor.  You agree that by accessing the Challenge Forum and/or contributing/submitting any information, pictures, opinions, personal information or any other type of contribution, you are granting the Sponsor, Lurong Living, and its Affiliated companies the following worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, unconditional, fully paid-up rights:

  1. To publicly display, broadcast or transmit the contributions in whole or in part, for promotional and marketing purposes worldwide in any and all forms of media, whether now known or hereafter devised, and to distribute (directly or indirectly through multiple tiers) the contributions to its marketing agencies and to third parties for these purposes or any purpose. 
  2. To publish your name or alias in connection with the Challenge and to publish any photos or other data or information you share in the Challenge Forum in the sole discretion of the Sponsor. 

6.  Scoring System


As a Participant your overall score will be calculated from a combination of Performance Points, Diet Points, Bonus Points, and Improvement Points (which includes Performance Improvement and Body Composition Improvement. Bonus Points include WOD Completion Points, Goals, Testimonials, and Food Adventurer. The overall individual champions will be the Participants that have the highest total score within each division.

An Affiliate Team qualifies for a chance to win the Affiliate Grand Prize once they have at least 20 registered Participants who have selected that particular Affiliate upon registration for the Challenge. In order for individuals to qualify to participate for their team, they must complete at least 50% of the WODs at that Registered Affiliate. Failure to meet this qualification could result in the Affiliate being disqualified from being awarded any Affiliate prize.

Category Points Possible



Diet Compliance






Total Points Possible


Diet Compliance Points

The Challenge is 56 Days Long with a total of 672 Diet Compliance Points possible to be earned during the Challenge. For each day’s diet you will mark Clean or Cheat for six (6) time periods during the day. Each Clean is (+2) points while every Cheat is (-3) points. A perfect day is (+12) points. It is possible to go into the negative for a day, week, or even diet points overall. See Dietary Compliance in section 4 above for more specific Rules.

You have six (6) full days to enter your diet compliance for a given day. For example, your diet scores for Monday the 1st becomes open for submission on Monday the 1st at 5 PM EST and must be entered by 11:59 PM EST on Sunday 7th. Any day that is not submitted into the system before the deadline passes will count as a zero (0) for the day.

Performance Points

During the Challenge you will be tested with 10 WODs. Your Performance Rank will be determined by your finishing time (score) on a weighted scale against all 3 Levels of difficulty. Rankings are grouped into percentiles.

Performance Rank

Workout Points Awarded

Level III

Level II

Level I

For Each WOD

90th +




80th +




70th +




60th +

90th +



50th +

80th +



40th +

70th +



30th +

60th +

90th +


20th +

50th +

80th +


10th +

40th +

70th +



30th +

60th +



20th +

50th +



10th +

40th +




30th +




20th +




10th +






There is a maximum potential of earning 400 Performance Points during the Challenge. Your Performance Rank will be compared only to Participants in your specific Division and  level ranked according to the chart above. Remember that all WOD must be judged and validated by a CrossFit Level 1 Certified trainer at your Registered Affiliate. All WODs must be submitted by you , the Participant, on the Challenge Platform before the WOD Submission deadline for each WOD.

Body Composition Improvement

Body Composition improvement points are determined by comparing the total of your before and After Body Measurements. There are a potential 210 Points that can be earned for Body Composition Improvements. You will enter your Body Measurements.  The Challenge Platform will automatically calculate the difference in the measurements and create your Body Measurement Improvement. Your Body Measurement Improvement number will then be ranked against all Participants.  The bigger the Body Measurement Improvement, the higher the rank, and then the rankings will be grouped into percentiles. In the event that there is a tie in body composition change (the total number of inches lost) between two or more Participants and where the percentile break affects which percentile the participant(s) fall into, the following tie-breaker rules apply: Tie-Break- The Participant who had the greatest percentage change in body composition ranks higher. This is defined by the person who lost a greater percentage of inches compared to their total inches of the initial measurements. The following chart shows how points are awarded for the Body Measurement Improvement Rank:

Body Measurement Improvement Rank

Points Awarded

Percentile 90th +


80th +


70th +


60th +


50th +


40th +


30th +


20th +


10th +




Performance Improvement Points

In Phase 3 of the Challenge you will be performing WOD 8, WOD 9, and WOD 10 which are a repeat of WOD 1, WOD 2, and WOD 3 respectively. The comparison of each set of WODs will give you a Performance Improvement Score for each of these 3 WODs.  That Performance Improvement Score will then be compared with all Challenge Participants regardless of Division, Region or skill level in which the WODS were performed. In the event that there is a tie in the total performance improvement time between two or more Participants and where the percentile break affects which percentile the participant(s) fall into, the following tie-breaker rule applies. The person with the higher percentage of improvement will be ranked higher. Mathematically, this means whoever completed the Phase 1 WOD quicker would be ranked higher in the event of the same improvement score. For participants who entered a maximum time for any WOD (zero completed REPS) the skill level will automatically be defaulted to Level 1. In addition, and improvements in WOD performance for these participants will be ranked starting at the bottom of the percentile chart. These individuals will still earn the number of improvement points based on the percentile they are ranked in. This score will give you a Performance Improvement Rank which will be awarded points according to the table below:

Performance Improvement Ranking

WOD 8  and WOD 1

WOD 9 and WOD 2

WOD 10 and WOD 3

90th +




80th +




70th +




60th +




50th +




40th +




30th +




20th +




10th +








Decline in Performance




There are a potential of 210 points to be earned for Performance Improvement. In order to qualify to earn these points, both WODs in that series must be completed, submitted, and validated. Therefore, it is critical to your overall Challenge experience and opportunity to win prizes to complete all the requirements before the deadlines.

Bonus Points

During the Challenge there are a potential of 170 points to be earned for a variety of criteria. The rules for each Bonus Point requirement are in Section 4. The following is a breakdown of how many points will be awarded for each Bonus Point requirement:

Bonus Point Title


Points Awarded

Phase 1 WOD Completion

For Completing WOD 1, WOD 2, WOD 3:
5 Points for each WOD


Phase 2 Performance  WOD Completion

For Completing  WOD 4, 5, 6, and 7:
15 points for each WOD


Phase 3  WOD Completion

For Completing WOD 8, WOD 9, WOD 10:
5 Points for each WOD



Making and tracking  at least 6 Primary Goals



Uploading a video experience: 25 Points
Submitting a Written experience: 5 Points


Food Adventurer

Trying 5 brand new Paleo Recipes During the Challenge


Total Bonus Points Possible



Auditing and Challenge Staff Validation

The Sponsor’s Challenge Team reserves the right to audit a Participant or an Affiliate at any point during the Challenge to ensure accuracy of WOD score submissions or other criteria. Auditing may come in the  form of, but is not limited to , personal visits, video submission for future WODs, direct communication with Registered Affiliate owners, or Sponsor’s Challenge Team judging.

The Sponsor’s Challenge Team also is the final say on the acceptance of Bonus Point components such as qualifying video and written Testimonials, and Food Adventurer. All  initiations made by the Sponsor’s Challenge Team are final and binding.

7.  Prizes

Determining Prize Winners and Tie-Breakers

For the complete list of prizes that are being awarded for each prize and prize category please see the prize page.

There are several opportunities for Participants and their Affiliate Teams to win prizes throughout the Challenge. The following table shows who will win the primary prizes, the scoring basis for them to win, and who wins in the event of a tie:
Prize and Tiebreak Table:

Other Prizes Table:

Performance WOD Prizes are awarded to the Top Performer at Skill Level III (L3) in each Division for that workout. For Phase 1 WODS and Phase 2 WODS, the total time to complete all 3 WODS in that phase is the score that will count towards winning the Performance Prize for that particular phase. It is possible for the same Participant to win more than one Performance Prize during the Challenge. Tiebreakers are listed in the chart above.

Individual Champions are determined Participant with the top overall score in each of the 6 Divisions. The overall score is a sum of Diet Points, Performance Points, Body Measurement Improvement Points, Performance Improvement Points, and Bonus Points. Tiebreakers are listed in the chart above.

The Affiliate Champion Grand Prize is determined by the team (at least 20 registered Participants) with the highest average overall score of its individual team members. Tiebreakers are listed in the chart above. In order to take into account injuries, drop outs, and different sizes of the gyms, there will be automatic low-score drops applied before running the Team Score for teams with more than 20 Participants. The following drop rules apply to Affiliate Teams:

Team Participants

Number of Lowest Scores - Dropped Scores Allowed









100 +


These Dropped Scores are automatic and no further drops will be allowed at any point once the Challenge has started and the refund deadline has passed on September 17th at 11:59 PM EST. No exceptions will be made. Tiebreakers are listed in the chart above.

In order to qualify for any of these prizes, Participants must complete and submit the respective requirement before the deadline for that component. Affiliate Validation is required for all prizes and points that are dependent on Body Measurements or WOD Performance.

Additional Prizes or Giveaways

At any time during the Challenge the Sponsor may choose to give away additional prizes or gifts. The methodology and distribution of these potential prizes is at the discretion of the Sponsor. Any prizes or gifts that could be potentially distributed in addition to those prizes advertised at the time of registration for the Challenge are in no way related to the registration fee or the number of Participants in the Challenge and these additional prizes, if any, will solely be offered based on availability. 

8.  Prizes and Conditions:

Each winner is responsible for all taxes, including federal, state, and local, applicable to the acceptance and use of the Prizes. The right to receive a Prize, if any, is non-transferable, and Prize substitutions are not allowed (except at the election of Sponsor).

If a Prize (or part of a Prize) is unavailable, the Sponsor, in its discretion, reserves the right to substitute the original Prize (or that part of the Prize) with an alternative Prize of equal or greater monetary value and/or specification, unless to do so would be prohibited by law.

Some prizes will be distributed directly from the Sponsor (LuRong Living) and other prizes will be redeemed directly from the sponsor of the particular prize.

All prizes that are distributed directly from the Sponsor, whether that be a LuRong Living Prize or a prize on behalf of another Challenge sponsor will be shipped directly to the Participant’s Registered Affiliate. It is the Affiliate’s legal responsibility to give the prize(s) to the Participant who earned it. The Sponsor is not liable for a prize once it has been delivered to the Affiliate.

9. Testimonial Release and Affidavit:

By entering the Challenge or taking receipt of any prize, you agree to release and hold harmless Sponsor and their respective subsidiaries, Affiliates, suppliers, distributors, advertising/promotion agencies, and prize suppliers, and each of their respective parent companies and each such company’s officers, directors, employees and agents (collectively, the “Released Parties”) from and against any claim or cause of action, including, but not limited to, personal injury, death, or damage to or loss of property or privacy, arising out of participation in the Challenge or receipt or use or misuse of any prize. By entering the Challenge, you grant the Sponsor the right to publish any photos or information relating to the scores and prizes for the Challenge on the website without compensation, except where prohibited by law.

10. Publicity:

Except where prohibited by law, participation in the Challenge constitutes your express and irrevocable consent to allow Sponsor and its successors, assigns, transferees, licensees, and sublicensees and/or anyone authorized by Sponsor, including the operator of any third party website (and pursuant to any and all terms and conditions of use or guidelines applicable to such site) to use, replicate, alter, adapt, modify, publish, broadcast, translate, produce derivative works from, distribute, present, play, and exercise all copyright and other intellectual property rights with respect to the entrant's full name, city and state of residence, any testimonials, forum posts, and biographical information (in whole or in part), worldwide, royalty-free and in perpetuity for any and all purposes, including, but not limited to, advertising, trade, syndication, and/or promotion on behalf of Sponsor, in any and all forms of media, now known or hereafter devised, including, but not limited to, print, TV, radio, cable, electronic, digital or World Wide Web, without further limitation, restriction, compensation, notice, review, or approval to the extent permitted by law, which rights entrants acknowledges and agrees Sponsor can transfer, assign, license, and/or sublicense. Furthermore, by entering, entrants agree to LuRong Living's use of entrant's personal information as described in its privacy policy at Please refer to LuRong Living's privacy policy for important information regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information by LuRong Living. LuRong Living is not responsible for disclosures made by any third party. LuRong Living uses reasonable commercial efforts to comply with Federal CAN–SPAM law and entrants may subsequently opt-out of receiving further emails by following opt-out instructions contained in LuRong Living's privacy policy.

11. General Conditions:

Winning a prize in the Challenge is contingent upon fulfilling all tax, regulatory, and legal obligations (including completion of any forms required in connection therewith) and any other requirements set forth in these Official Rules, which shall all be at your sole obligation. Sponsor reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify any and/or all of the Challenge, or any part thereof, due to force majeure (e.g. an act of war or terror), or if any fraud, technical failure or any other factor beyond Sponsor’s reasonable control impairs the integrity or proper functioning of the Challenge in any manner, or for any reason related to the administration of the Challenge, as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion. Sponsor reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any individual it finds to be tampering with the entry process or the operation of the Challenge or to be acting in violation of these Official Rules or any other Sponsor promotion or in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner. Sponsor’s failure to enforce any term of these Official Rules shall not constitute a waiver of that provision or any other provision herein. If the Sponsor cancels the Challenge for any reason, the entrant shall be entitled to apply his/her entry fee to entry into Sponsor’s next Challenge so long as Sponsor offers a new Challenge within one year of cancellation of the original Challenge. If Sponsor does not offer a new Challenge within one year of cancellation of the original Challenge, Sponsor shall refund entrant’s entry fee. 

12. Limitations of Liability:

The Sponsor is not responsible for: (1) any incorrect or inaccurate information, whether caused by entrants, printing errors or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the Challenge; (2) technical failures of any kind, including, but not limited to malfunctions, interruptions, or disconnections in phone lines, cable connections or network hardware or software; (3) technical or human error which may occur in the administration of the Challenge or the processing of entries, prize notification and/or winner confirmation; (4) any lost, late, delayed, corrupted, undelivered or undeliverable entry or prize notification, or (5) any injury or damage to persons or property which may be caused, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from entrant’s participation in the Challenge or receipt or use or misuse of any prize. If for any reason an entrant’s entry is confirmed to have been erroneously deleted, lost, or otherwise destroyed or corrupted, entrant’s sole remedy is another entry in the Challenge or a later Challenge offered by Sponsor, so  long as Sponsor offers a new Challenge within one year of cancellation of the original Challenge.  If Sponsor does not offer a new Challenge within one year of cancellation of the original Challenge, Sponsor shall refund entrant’s entry fee. 

13. Disputes:

All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of these Official Rules, or the rights and obligations of the entrant and Sponsor in connection with the Challenge, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of Connecticut, U.S.A and resolved in Connecticut courts, without giving effect to any choice of law or conflict of law rules (whether of the State of Connecticut or any other jurisdiction), which would cause the application of the laws of any jurisdiction other than the State of Connecticut. Except where prohibited, entrants hereby agree that any claims, disputes or actions of any kind shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action and waive all rights to claim indirect, punitive, incidental, consequential damages and/or multipliers of damages and any other damages, other than for actual out-of-pocket expenses incurred as the result of participation in the Challenge. The parties hereby agree to waive their respective rights to a jury trial of any claim or cause of action related to or arising out of the Challenge. The scope of the waiver is intended to be all encompassing of any and all disputes that may be filed in any court and that relate to the Challenge, including without limitation, contract claims, tort claims, breach of duty claims, and all other common law, regulatory, and statutory claims. In the event of litigation, these Official Rules may be filed as written consent to a trial by court. If any part of these Official Rules is declared invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, it shall not affect the validity of the balance of these Official Rules.

14.  Cheating: 

Cheating is absolutely not tolerated in this Challenge or in this community. If you are tempted to cheat, don't join this Challenge! You are not only cheating yourself, but all your brothers and sisters who are working hard to make life changes. We have specific parameters in place to ensure all scores are accurate and that no foul play will take place during the Challenge.

  1. Your Affiliate owner/trainer will be validating your scores each week. Meaning, the owner or level one certified CrossFit trainer must be judging your WODs and taking your Body Measurements.
  2. Your Affiliate owner/trainers will see you regularly, and will be discussing your diet.
  3. Your fellow competitors may report any known instances of cheating to the Affiliate owner/or to Sponsor’s Challenge Team at 800-560-3015 ext. 4.
  4. The Sponsor’s Challenge Team reserves the right to audit any Participant or Affiliate at any time to provide video evidence of remaining workouts or any other criteria mentioned or referred to in the Auditing and Challenge Staff Validation section.

Any occurrence of cheating will result in your disqualification and forfeiture of any prizes in this competition and will result in a "0" total score which will be averaged into your Affiliate team score. In addition, cheating may result in being banned from future LuRong Paleo Challenges or other events sponsored or run by LuRong Living. If an Affiliate owner can prove one of their clients cheated, they can contact the LuRong Paleo Challenge Team to resolve/fix the error. LuRong Paleo Challenge Judges (5 in total) have the right to disqualify the offender from the remainder of the Challenge and forfeit any prizes won to date. In this case, the Affiliate team would not be penalized with a “0” score. The offender’s scores may be Adjusted or that Participant removed from the team average at the judgement of the Challenge Judges.

Instances of proved cheating by individuals and/or CrossFit Affiliates may be shared on Facebook, blogs, the Sponsor’s website at the sole discretion of the Sponsor. Your reputation is not worth it. Cheating will result in the forfeiture of any prizes won during the competition and legal action if necessary.

Bottom line, we are looking for real competitors and people who are committed to life change and want to enjoy their experience. Cheaters, fudgers, stretchers of the truth... eat another doughnut!

15. Winner Announcement, Winner’s List and Official Rules:

Winner’s will be notified by email by December 1, 2013.  The winner will be notified based on contact information provided by the Participant, the accuracy of which information is the responsibility of the Participants.
These Official Rules (including the LuRong Living Paleo Challenge 2013 Privacy Policy and Participant Liability Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreement) govern the Challenge and set out the terms and conditions between the Sponsor, the Participants and Affiliates. 

A winners' list will be posted on the LuRong Living website ( on or about December 1, 2013, or to receive a list of the winners and/or a copy of these Official Rules, send a hand-printed, self-addressed, stamped envelope to LuRong Living Paleo Challenge at:  45 North East Industrial Road, Attention; Lurong Living Paleo Challenge, Branford, CT 06405.