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The 3rd Annual Lurong Living Paleo Challenge is the largest paleo challenge in the US. Our online program is PROVEN to improve both performance and body composition. It was built to the specification of our CrossFit Affiliates, and was created to support and empower the entire community. When you combine competition, community, accountability, structure, motivation, and education you end up with a recipe for success.

The Lurong Living Paleo Challenge platform allows for individuals to compete simultaneously as an individual and for their Affiliate Team. The 8 week Challenge tracks diet compliance, body composition, personal goals, workout performance, and improvements.

NEW FOR 2014

  • All Affiliates who get 20 plus team members are guaranteed a prize package
  • Improved scoring system make it more likely that your scores will contribute to the team
  • New video validation option
  • Improved Scaling Levels for workouts
  • New exclusive recipes, content, and tips


This is a diet and fitness competition that features a balanced scoring system, making it possible for anyone to win. Athletes earn points for adhering to their Paleo diet (Clean/Cheat) 6 time periods per day, performance in workouts, and their resulting improvements.


Athletes will see exactly how much they have improved and will earn point for their efforts. It is about results, and athletes are empowered when they see how much their hard work pays off.


Athletes will be tested in 10 workouts which include 3 benchmark WODs and 4 performance WODs. Each workout has 3 skill levels with standardized movements, making them accessible for first-timers and challenging for aspiring games athletes. This allows participants to challenge themselves physically, see how much they improve, and how they match up with others.


Athletes will also earn points for setting and tracking goals, experimenting with new recipes, and reflecting on your experience. Making positive life changes has never been as interactive, rewarding, and fun.


Thanks to our sponsors we offer a generous prize purse for individuals and affiliates along the journey. When we say generous, we are talking more than $100,000 in prizes. And that doesn't even include the exclusive Challenge T-shirt every participant receives with registration.