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Week 5 Perfect Diet Winners
October 30 2014 | In Announcements
To cheat or not to cheat? We have all had those defining moments during the Challenge so far. We have spent time rationalizing, calculating our points, ultimately leading to that momentary decision. The following 6 people represent those whom have been the example of self control and dedication by staying clean all throughout week 5. Did you have a perfect week? Did you have a couple cheats? Stay strong as we are in the home stretch. Read More »
Congratulations to our WOD 6 Performance and Completion Winners
October 29 2014 | In Announcements
Well done on another week of great performances and gutsy finishes. The winners are.... Read More »
Week 4 Perfect Diet Winners
October 28 2014 | In Announcements
Week 4 was a turning point for many. The cravings started to subside, the world becomes colorful once again, and you started to believe you can actually do this. Great work to everyone during week 4 and up to this point. Here is a special shout out to the 6 winners of the Week 4 Perfect diet raffle. Read More »
Benchmark Phase 2 Prizes
October 27 2014 | In Announcements
We are in the home stretch. Make that final push for yourself, your family, your affiliate. You have plenty to motivate you, but it all that isn't enough then how about these prizes from Life AsRx and Harbinger? Read More »
Shining Example of Community: Kara Franz
October 26 2014 | In Announcements
During the Challenge we see countless stories of inspiration, achievement, and resolve. If you have spent any time on the forum you have probably seen Kara Franz's name pop on more that a few occasions. We are proud to honor Kara and her commitment to our community. Read More »
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