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Week 6 Performance and Completion Prizes
October 20 2014 | In Announcements
For the week leading into the final benchmark phase of the Challenge, we look to Human X by Harbinger for our motivation to achieve greatness. Another 74 prizes are on the line for this week's WOD 7. Read More »
Week 3 Perfect Diet Raffle Winners
October 20 2014 | In Announcements
The first 3 weeks may have been a shock for some, so hopefully you are settling into your new diet and lifestyle. The following 6 individuals have overcome the sugar cravings, the late night snack temptations, and the company parties during week 3. Congrats and enjoy your tool/best friend from 6 Pack Fitness. Read More »
Announcing our 4 Athletes of the Month
October 19 2014 | In Announcements
These 4 individuals have been nominated by their peers and have earned more than our prize package we have prepared. These athletes of the month have won the respect and hearts of the people around them and now the entire Lurong Living Paleo Challenge Community. Read More »
WOD 4 Performance and Completion Winners
October 19 2014 | In Announcements
With WOD 4 "Peranormal" in the books it is time to reveal our Top Performers and our WOD Completion Raffle Winners. We know you loved the thrusters. Read More »
The 31 Heroes Project
October 18 2014 | In Announcements
You may be familiar with the 31 Heroes WOD that is so popular each year in the CrossFit community, but did you know how it all began, and where the money goes? Read More »
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