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Flashback Nutrition Corner with Dr. Potteiger: Paleo and your Health
September 2 2014 | In Living Healthy
We bring back one of our archived nutritional videos. Dr. Potteiger explains why Paleo is so critical to your overall health and for disease prevention. Read More »
Pushing Past Fads and Finding Your
September 2 2014 | In Food & Nutrition
Understanding why you are doing something is just as important and understanding what you are doing. Fad diets focus on the "what". Lifestyles are built on the foundation of understanding "why". Why do you want to change? Why does this new way of eating work, and how can I live like this? Your why starts here. Read More »
Why We Created the Challenge
September 1 2014 | In Challenge Info
The reason we created The LuRong Living Paleo Challenge was fairly simple. However, the vision has grown into something remarkable, and we are humbled by the response and results that we have seen in our Challenge Competitors. Read More »
My Box Story- Video Series #2
August 29 2014 | In Announcements
This week we visited with Doug Hildreth owner of Newberg CrossFit Rebuilt in Oregon to talk about his experience with the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge. Learn why each year his team grows in numbers and sees even greater results an individuals and as a community. Read More »
We will pay your 2015 CrossFit Affiliate Dues
August 28 2014 | In Announcements
That's right, if you hadn't heard, Lurong Living is paying one lucky affiliate owner's CrossFit Affiliation dues for 2015. Learn how to qualify. It is a simple as building a team. Read More »
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